Is a translation primary literature?

Is a translation primary literature?

The translation of primary literature is also considered primary literature. The reason for this is that the statement of the primary literature is not changed. Secondary literature, on the other hand, is created on the basis of primary literature.

What is primary literature?

Primary literature represents the subject of research in secondary literature. In secondary literature, information from primary literature is described, analyzed or interpreted. If possible, your scientific work should be based on primary literature.

Is every source that is translated a secondary source?

If a translation or a copy or a copy is available, this must be marked separately. This is true if only because primary sources are less likely to be rubbish than transcriptions, translations or copies. Yes, basically it is a primary source, a “translated primary source”.

What is a secondary?

secondary adj. ‘belonging to the second order, standing in second place, secondary, coming afterwards’.

What is the difference between a source and a representation?

Materials that were produced at a later point in time and can therefore only represent the time to be examined are not sources, but so-called historical representations. Representations are narratives in which the past is reconstructed from sources.

How do I quote a secondary source?

To cite a secondary citation, first name the primary literature, followed by the addition ‘cited from’ and the source in which you found the secondary citation. Only the source that you have actually read is listed in the bibliography. In this case it is the secondary source.

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