Is an internal job posting mandatory?

Is an internal job posting mandatory?

Does the internal job posting have to be posted before the external job posting? Although this is often the case, employers have no obligation to advertise a new position internally first. “The external tender can take place at the same time,” said the legal expert.

Why job posting?

Develop job advertisement The job advertisement describes the position in such a way that a candidate can see whether his profile, requirements and goals match the advertised position.

What does permanent tender mean?

This tender is a permanent tender. This means that we will be happy to receive your detailed application documents at any time and will refer to them if necessary. These are permanent positions with a weekly working time of 48 hours.

What is the difference between a job description and a job advertisement?

Job advertisement: will be published. Job description: is in-house. A job advertisement is what a company puts out to find applicants and a job description is the description of the job.

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