Is an internship paid?

Is an internship paid?

This is how much you earn in the internship: The average compulsory internship is remunerated at 940 euros. The average voluntary internship is remunerated at 1,239.75 euros.

How much do you get as a summer intern?

The vacation job must be paid at least in accordance with the collective agreement. If there is none for an industry, the local wage forms the minimum wage. The holiday job should definitely bring you 7 euros gross!

How much money can you get from a vacation job?

According to the current law regulating the minimum wage, holiday jobbers of legal age are entitled to an hourly wage of EUR 8.84. This wage level also comes into play if a vacation job is carried out on a minor basis, as a 450-euro job.

How much do you get in a summer job at 16?

The minimum wage of 9.19 euros per hour only applies to holiday jobbers of legal age. Minors are excluded from this rule. If the student only does the holiday job during the holidays, this is usually a short-term mini job. In the case of a short-term mini job, the level of earnings does not matter.

How long does a summer internship last?

An internship usually lasts three months. However, this depends on what agreement the intern and the company make. There is no legal regulation regarding the duration. As already mentioned, the three-month duration is also the threshold for the minimum wage to be paid.

When is a vacation job subject to social security contributions?

Employment is deemed to be “short-term” if it does not exceed a total of three months or seventy working days in a calendar year. How high the earnings and the weekly working hours are irrelevant. In principle, the holiday job remains exempt from social insurance.

How is a vacation job billed?

A vacation job is a fixed-term employment relationship that is often based on marginal employment such as a mini job. You can earn up to 450 euros a month. The job is usually taxed at a flat rate by the employer. You will then not pay any taxes yourself and you will not have to file a tax return.

Is a vacation job short term?

Vacation job as short-term employment It can be a maximum of three months (working week of at least five days) or 70 working days (working week of less than five days) within a calendar year. Based on six weeks of summer vacation, this time limit should not be exceeded.

What do I have to consider as an employer for vacation jobs?

What must employers consider when working hours? The working hours must be between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. – later or earlier is prohibited by law. However, people under the age of 18 may not work more than eight hours per day.

What is the hourly wage for students?

The pay for vacation jobs is usually between six and ten euros per hour, depending on the industry. Many students want to supplement their pocket money with summer jobs. Six to ten euros hourly wages are possible in many industries.

What is the minimum wage for vacation jobs?

But age also plays a role. Anyone who is of legal age is entitled to the statutory minimum wage of 9.35 euros per hour in the holiday job (as of June 2020). However, the minimum wage does not apply to students between the ages of 15 and 17.

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