Is college like high school graduation?

Is college like high school graduation?

College is somewhere between university and high school. Some leave college and then look for work, others try to go to university later. So by and large, the Abitur is already comparable to the American or Canadian school leaving certificate.

What exactly is a college?

Colleges (Latin collegium academiae, study community) are mostly economically and legally independent educational institutions of different types in countries in which English is the official or primary lingua franca, for example in England and the USA.

What Comes Before Middle School?

The high school The American school system begins with the elementary school. Depending on the district, this school extends to fourth, fifth or sixth grade. This is followed by junior high school or middle school, which extends up to eighth or ninth grade.

How much does a year abroad cost?

Total costs for the year abroad in the USA If you add all the items together, the one-year stay in the USA costs around 8,000 to 12,000 euros if you go to a public school and 18,000 to 22,000 euros if you go to a private school.

Who pays the costs for a year abroad?

The cost of the year abroad is often a major hurdle. Funding for the student exchange is basically the responsibility of the family.

How much does a student exchange cost?

Most students start their student exchange in September, but entry is also possible in the second term, in January. For example, there are three months of student exchanges from 7,000 euros, and six months from 8,300 euros. A whole school year costs around 10,000 euros.

How Much Does High School Cost?

Price calculation: country selection USA Depending on the type and scope of the services provided by the organizer, around 8,500 to 12,800 euros are due for a year at a public high school (for stays with a J1 visa).

How much does a school year in America cost?

There are additional fees and pocket money for on-site expenses. Overall, the costs to be borne by the family for a school year in the USA are at least 10,000 euros.

What do you need to do a year abroad?

You are at least 14 and at most 19 years old (the age requirements vary from country to country). Your grade point average is “satisfactory” – usually a “good” to “very good” grade point average is required. For the time of the exchange you have to be given leave of absence by the school authorities.

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