Is gambling good for the brain?

Is gambling good for the brain?

Gambling promotes networking in the brain The gray matter is part of the central nervous system and essentially controls all brain functions. Better connectivity thus indicates faster thought processes and correspondingly higher intelligence.

Is gambling good for kids?

Use your children’s passion for games Playing is not only relaxation and distraction, new skills and abilities have to be constantly developed and improved. If children are accompanied pedagogically while playing, they can benefit enormously from the apparently banal pastime.

Are video games harmful to children?

Video games can be addictive – even children and young people. There are several characteristics of addiction, explains the website This includes, for example, when children only think about the game or use it to suppress negative experiences such as stress or bad grades.

How many hours should you gamble?

The answer: One to two hours of gaming a day is normal these days, only those who gamble for four hours a day and lose control of their gaming behavior are in danger. According to Mörsen, it is important that the children consciously learn to quit.

Is gambling too much harmful?

On average, children who spend a lot of time in front of video games have more behavioral problems and find it difficult to socialize with their peers. This is the conclusion reached by Spanish researchers in the “Annals of Neurology”. This effect is particularly strong in children who gamble for more than nine hours a week.

How long can you gamble at 16?

The older the youngsters are, the longer the game lasts: while the ten to twelve-year-old boys and girls play an average of 76 minutes, the 13- to 15-year-olds play 111 minutes and the 16- to 18-year-olds 124 minutes.

What am I allowed to do at the age of 13?

Pupils from the age of 13 can supplement their pocket money with light work – delivering newspapers or babysitting, for example. During school hours, children and young people are allowed to earn money for a maximum of two hours a day and only between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

How many hours of cell phone use a day is normal?

The smartphone is used between three and five hours every day. According to the study, there are hardly any reasons for users to give up their mobile phones even for a month. Not for a 10% salary increase, a free vacation to your dream destination, or a day with your favorite stars.

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