Is high school like high school?

Is high school like high school?

The high school is a uniform school, which means that there is no distinction between Hauptschule, Realschule and Gymnasium, as is the case here, but all young people attend one school. The classes in the high school are as follows: 9th grade: Freshman.

Is school easier in the US?

Sure, school in the US can be easier depending on what courses you choose. But it always depends on the school, in general one could say: the bigger the school, the more difficult courses are offered.

Which grade point average for high school recommendation?

The school career recommendation is determined solely by the average grade in the subjects German, mathematics, home and general education: Pupils with an average grade of 2.33 or better in the subjects German, mathematics and local and general education are allowed to go to high school.

When do you get a recommendation for the Gymnasium?

She also said that you get a high school recommendation if the grade point average is below 3.0.

What grades do you need for a vocational high school?

Graduates from vocational schools have a secondary school leaving certificate or comparable qualification with an average grade better than 3.0, can demonstrate at least the grade “satisfactory” in the subjects German, mathematics and English, have successfully completed at least 2 years of vocational training and.

What grade point average do you need to go to grammar school after secondary school?

For admission to the upper level of the vocational grammar school, pupils who have obtained their secondary school leaving certificate in grade 10 need an average of at least 3.0 from the grades in German, mathematics and the first …

Can you go to grammar school immediately after graduating from secondary school?

After obtaining the secondary school leaving certificate, pupils have four options for transferring to a grammar school under certain conditions. As a rule, many of the students decide to transfer to an introductory class.

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