Is it capitalized or lowercase after a semicolon?

Is it capitalized or lowercase after a semicolon?

It creates a stronger separation than the comma, but weaker than the period. According to German orthography, after a semicolon, the letter is written in lower case, unless it is followed by a noun or a word that has to be capitalized for other reasons, such as proper names.

When semicolon examples?

We use a semicolon when two sentences are closely related in terms of content, but a comma would be too weak to separate them and a period would be too strong. Example: In April there was a flood here; it rained non-stop for two weeks.

Which dash between page numbers?

In the case of page numbers, the en dash is also called the bis dash and is used without spaces: “S. 46-59. The en dash with spaces is used as a dash: “The subtleties of typography are often neglected – although they contribute a lot to the overall impression of a text.

What is a hyphen?

Word meaning/definition: 1) Linguistics: Word character that has the form of a hyphen and is used to separate a part of a word that no longer fits on one line and move it to the following line. 2) transferred: differentiation from something undesirable.

How do you make a long dash?

To insert a dash in Word itself Press at the same time [Strg] + [-]. If this combination does not work, hold the [Umschalt]button pressed. However, this only works with the minus key on the number pad on your keyboard.

How do I make a dash?

To enter a dash, you must press the following key combination: Hold down the Ctrl key (also known as Ctrl on some keyboards). Now press the minus key in the numeric keypad (= number pad).

How do I make a dash in Word?

You set the dash in MS Word with the key combination Ctrl + minus sign (in the number block). If you don’t have a number pad available: On the Insert tab at the top of the screen, select the Symbol command. In the window that opens, click More Symbols…

How do I make an underscore on PC?

On the German standard keyboard (“QWERTZ”; common in Germany and Austria) as well as on the Swiss keyboard, the underscore is located immediately to the left of the right shift key ( ⇧ ) and is activated together with it (a hyphen results without pressing the shift key ).

How do I put an underscore in the email address?

The underscore is on the standard German keyboard to the left of the right shift key. In combination with the shift key an underscore can be created, otherwise a hyphen appears.

Where is Shift on PC?

The keys are on the second row of keys from the bottom – on the outside, above the Ctrl keys. On most keyboards, the right shift key is slightly wider. Why are there two shift keys?

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