Is it possible to shorten the training to become a nurse?

Is it possible to shorten the training to become a nurse?

The apprenticeship period is three years, but if you have already completed an apprenticeship, you can request that the apprenticeship be shortened to two years. A second option is to go to school.

What do you need to become a carer?

an intermediate educational qualification, such as a secondary school qualification or an equivalent completed 10-year school education. a secondary school leaving certificate and a completed 2-year vocational training course. a secondary school diploma and completed training as a geriatric or nursing assistant.

What do you need to graduate as a geriatric nurse?

Important information about the school leaving certificate Since July 2009, ten years of schooling have been sufficient as a prerequisite for starting nursing training. Since then, secondary school students can also begin training to become geriatric nurses if they have completed the 10th grade.

In which subjects do you have to be good to become a geriatric nurse?

You will learn in the following areas: psychology, sociology, geriatrics, drug theory, anatomy, pathology, nutrition, hygiene, law, gerontological psychiatry, care of elderly people with the corresponding diseases, implementation of medical orders, developing concepts, accompanying the dying.

What qualification do you need for a nurse?

You can read about the exact requirements for an apprenticeship as a nurse in Section 11 of the Nursing Act. You should either have a secondary school leaving certificate or have a secondary school leaving certificate as well as previous professional knowledge.

How much does nurse earn?

The starting salary is on average 2300 euros gross per month. Night shifts are usually additionally remunerated with a time surcharge. After a few years and with increasing professional experience, your salary increases. After three years you can earn up to 2700 euros gross per month.

How much does a pediatric nurse earn?

Your starting salary is between 15 euros gross per month. So over the years you automatically get more. If you are then particularly hardworking, you can get additional salary increases and earn up to 2200 euros gross.

What are the duties of a pediatric nurse?

Health and pediatric nurses look after and care for sick and dependent infants, children and adolescents. They carry out medically initiated measures, assist with examinations and treatments, document patient data and contribute to quality assurance.

What do you do as a health and child nurse?

Health and pediatric nurses care for infants, sick children and adolescents in inpatient facilities or in the outpatient sector. They carry out nursing and medical measures according to medical instructions.

How much do you earn as a health care worker?

As a trained health care professional, you finally start with 2355 euros gross per month. Once you have gained work experience, your earnings will also increase: after 13 years of work experience you can count on 3200 euros gross.

Why do you want to become a nurse?

There are many reasons that speak against it. The shift work, the wages in relation to the responsibility, the staff shortage, the health policy development and the billing according to case lump sums. Nevertheless, around 500,000 people across Germany work in the various care professions.

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