Is jobseeker written in uppercase or lowercase?

Is jobseeker written in uppercase or lowercase?

Job-seeking or job-seeking: the correct spelling. Job-seeking: work as a noun capitalized, seeking as a participle small. looking for a job: spelling with Fugen-S. looking for a job: the spelling from earlier times that is still valid today.

How does it go after the health insurance company has been controlled?

After control, the financial security is usually provided by unemployment benefit (employment agency) and disability pension (pension insurance). In most cases, the health insurance company informs the insured of the impending control in good time. Apply for a pension (disability pension).

Who receives sick leave after the health insurance company has been controlled?

The average member of the social association – at least here in Schleswig-Holstein – is around 62 years old. This is where the social association can help. If you are sick for more than six weeks, the boss will stop paying you money.

How long is entitlement to ALG 1 in the event of illness?

While you are sick, you will continue to receive unemployment benefits for up to six weeks. After this so-called continued payment, you are usually entitled to sick pay. Statutory health insurance pays for a maximum of 78 weeks, as long as you are still unable to work.

Are you entitled to an old job after a long illness?

Overview of the questions and answers (“plus” magazine 06/2018: Do you have a right to return to your old job after a long illness? No, this right does not exist in principle.

How long does the job have to be kept in the event of illness?

The sick person does not have to take action himself: his employer takes the initiative if the employee has been incapacitated for more than six weeks continuously or repeatedly within a year.

How long must a job be kept free during parental leave?

Maternity leave usually begins six weeks before and ends eight weeks after the birth, in the case of premature or multiple births twelve weeks after the birth. Employment is strictly prohibited during maternity leave, so pregnant women are not allowed to work on maternity leave.

What happens if the reintegration is canceled?

In the event that the gradual reintegration is terminated prematurely, the employee remains unable to work. In this context, further medical or occupational rehabilitation measures or even an application for a disability pension must be considered.

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