Is opinion big or small?

Is opinion big or small?


When do you write it in capital letters and when in small letters?

What is new, however, and has been the rule since 2006: The address pronouns you, you, you, you, yours, yours are written in lower case! But there is an exception to every rule, and letters, e-mails and SMS can still be written in capital letters. That means: I thank you OR you for your OR your lovely letter!

When do you capitalize yours?

In letters and e-mails, the salutation pronoun can be written in upper or lower case. Example: Dear Maria, dear Franz, when will you / you arrive? The polite form of address you and the associated possessive pronoun Ihr, however, are always capitalized.

When do you write them lowercase?

This also applies to “you”. So if you are someone, always write the salutation in capital letters, for example in an application, in an e-mail or in this article. However, if the third person is plural, the word is written in lower case.

When do you write yours and hers?

Both forms are correct. To be able to differentiate between them: On the one hand there are objects that depend on the verb: Whom or what I want to convince = accusative, your customer. Who am I available = dative, your customer.

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