Is school sport compulsory?

Is school sport compulsory?

In grades 11 and 12, the timetable foresees physical education as a compulsory subject for all pupils. In addition, seminars in the main subject of sport can be attended, provided these are offered at the school.

How long break after studying?

The following classification has proven itself: after 10 minutes: interruption (duration: 1 minute) after 30 minutes: mini-break (duration: 5 minutes) after 2 hours: coffee break (duration: 15-20 minutes)

How many minutes at a time study?

The rule is very simple: 4 hours distributed over the day gives the brain a learning time of about 8 hours, 4 hours in a row or only with short breaks in between gives a brain learning time of about 2 hours.

How often to take a break while studying?

If you have already studied for a few hours, a break of 15-20 minutes has proven itself. So you are optimally rested, but still motivated to continue learning. Those who like to take frequent breaks should make the breaks shorter.

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