Is studying school education or vocational training?

Is studying school education or vocational training?

A distinction must be made between in-company training, school-based training (technical schools, vocational schools or professional colleagues), training in the dual system (teaching in connection with the vocational school and inter-company courses) and studies.

What does not have to be in the résumé?

However, there is also information that you should better avoid nowadays, such as personal data on your résumé. Name: Maximilian Muster. Full name. Address. Phone number. E-mail. Date of birth and place of birth. Nationality. Marital status and number of children.

How long should a resume be?

The golden rule applies to the résumé: no longer than two pages in A4 format. If your resume is large, don’t start using smaller font and trimming the spaces between sections.

Which activities belong in a job reference?

The job description includes in the job reference a list of the essential tasks and areas of responsibility that the employee has performed during the period of service with the company. The potential new employer can use this to get an idea of ​​your skills, qualifications and experience.

What are job examples?

Job description templateAdministrative and organizational activities. Processing of incoming and outgoing mail. Processing of complaints. Handling of all correspondence. Preparatory bookkeeping. Personnel management. Contract management.

What must be in a simple job reference?

Definition: What is a simple job reference? Letterhead (employer) Heading (job reference) First / last name of the employee, date / place of birth, duration of employment, type of employment, final wording, place, date, signature.

What is a qualified job reference?

In contrast to the “simple job reference”, the “qualified job reference” does not only contain evidence and an assessment of the performance during the previous activity. The document becomes a qualified certificate in which the employer also assesses the employee’s social skills.

When is one entitled to a qualified job reference?

With every termination the employee has the right to a job reference. However, it is not you as the employer who have to take the initiative, but the employee – he must expressly request the certificate. The employer must have issued the certificate by the end of the notice period at the latest.

When does the employer have to issue a qualified job reference?

The employer only has to issue the qualified job reference if he has been asked to do so by the employee (“The employee can request …”). In practice, this certificate plays a far greater role than the simple job reference, which only has to describe the type and duration of the activity.

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