Is the abstract numbered?

Is the abstract numbered?

Abstracts, forewords, directories and appendices are not given a numbering / classification number, but are usually included in the table of contents.

Is a list of figures necessary?

Does the scientific work contain numerous illustrations such as B. photos, drawings or tables, these must be mentioned in a list of figures. The list of figures is therefore optional and is classified according to the list of references.

Is the table of figures mentioned in the table of contents?

The table of figures is in the document directly after the table of contents.

Are tables in the appendix in the list of tables?

If you use figures within the “normal” text, they go into the list of figures / tables. If they are in the appendix, they don’t come in there, but in the appendix directory. But if necessary, you can clarify with your chair again whether they want it as well.

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