Is the editor or the author cited?

Is the editor or the author cited?

‘For the same editor’ or this. ‘For the same publisher’. Example: Identify the same author and publisher according to Harvard Müller, Thomas (2019): references or bibliography, in: ders.

How do you quote verbatim?

In the case of a literal quotation, the quoted text must be reproduced true to the letter, ie spelling errors or outdated spelling are reproduced unchanged. The quoted text is always in quotation marks in a verbatim quote.

How do you quote a quote from a quote?

If you want to quote a passage of text that already contains quotation marks, put the quote in single quotation marks. You mark your quote as usual with double quotation marks. In this way you can make it clear which quote comes from you and which one you have taken over.

How do you cite many authors?

3 or more authors In contrast to the references in the text, all author names must be given in the reference in the bibliography. If there are three or more authors, the first author with the last name is mentioned first. All other authors are indicated with a / separated by a first name and last name.

How do I quote bachelor theses?

If you quote from a bachelor thesis, you must therefore add the addition unpublished in the source. If a bachelor thesis or master thesis is publicly available, e.g. B. with a URL or in a library, it is possible to quote them.

How do I quote from a thesis?

Citing your thesis: What you should keep in mind Do not cite the thesis as a source of information. So don’t use them to substantiate your statements. If a thesis has inspired you to do your own work, you can quote it.

How do you quote university papers?

First name, last name, title of the university font, type of university font, university place of publication year, page number. The place of publication in this case is the university at which the work was submitted; the year of publication is the year of submission (see title page).

How do you quote correctly in the specialist thesis?

Correct citation according to the German citation method, use the exact words and the spelling. Put quotation marks around the quotation. Put a footnote after the quotation, starting with 1. name under the corresponding footnote the author, the year of publication and the page.

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