Is the intended use checked?

Is the intended use checked?

“International banks usually check all transfers, national banks tend to do random checks,” says the spokeswoman. The bank does not pay attention to the amount but only to the client, the recipient and the intended use.

What happens if you forget the intended purpose?

You cannot book back a transfer that you issued. You can only inform the recipient of your transfer and subsequently state the purpose or send an email / letter. The money arrives at the respective recipient without a purpose, you cannot post it back.

Can you change the purpose?

We cannot cancel a transfer or change the intended use afterwards, as the order is executed immediately. The best thing to do is to contact the recipient so that they can transfer the money back to you.

Is the customer reference the intended use?

Customer reference. The customer reference (also known as “end-to-end reference”) allows you to store additional information about the order in addition to the known intended use. This can be an invoice or order number, for example. The field is optional and does not have to be filled in.

How do I abbreviate the intended use?

Abbreviation vwzVwz .: MeaningVwz.Use

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