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Chris Kluwe’s Wife, Isabel, is a Social Activist and Supporter of Same-Sex Marriage

After eight seasons with the Vikings, Kluwe left with numerous individual and team records under his belt. An outspoken supporter of same-sex marriage, Kluwe believes his advocacy may have caused his termination from the NFL.

His public criticism of Jackson on the Gawker sports blog Deadspin catapulted his fame to new levels.

Early Life and Education

Isabel is a stunning and timeless name, inspired by Elizabeth. Isabel became popular during medieval times and remains so today; its popularity remains unmatched today! Isabel also goes by many nicknames such as Belle, Izzy or Bella.

Kluwe attended Los Alamitos High School before enrolling at UCLA as a history and political science major. Although academically underperforming at times, he scored an exceptional verbal SAT score – giving him confidence to follow through on his goal.

He describes himself as an avid NFL fan, yet his daughters remain his primary focus. Additionally, he enjoys writing and is working on developing Twilight of the Gods tabletop war game with Isabel. They reside together in Los Angeles where they have two daughters each; having met while working at UCLA Football Office respectively.

Professional Career

Kluwe is known for his incredible leg strength and hang time as a punter, which were on full display during a senior playoff game at Los Alamitos High School where he kicked a 60-yard field goal that set a county record and gave Los Alamitos High the win.

Kluwe was initially signed as an undrafted free agent by the Seattle Seahawks but failed to make their roster, and was swiftly picked up by Minnesota Vikings.

Kluwe was outspoken during his time with the Vikings, taking a strong stance against issues like same-sex marriage and gay rights. In particular, he took issue with how general manager Rick Spielman and coach Leslie Frazier had treated him; writing an account of it for Deadspin.

Achievement and Honors

Kluwe is an award-winning author, social activist, supporter of same-sex marriage and fundraiser for various causes such as CASA program fundraising as well as bay area public safety consortium fundraising initiatives. Additionally, she holds various leadership roles within organizations, including serving as Dean of Human Arts and Social Sciences at Cabrillo College.

She currently hosts a sports radio show in California as co-host, describing herself as cheerfully agnostic. With her academic husband, they have two daughters.

Personal Life

Kluwe was an avid reader as a child, skipping grades to read all seven Chronicles of Narnia before turning six years old. Additionally, he excelled at violin by learning it by ear and excelled at sports; serving as punter on Los Alamitos High School football team.

His strong leg and unique kicking style led him to an NFL career with the Minnesota Vikings. While with them, he advocated strongly for gay rights and same-sex marriage rights.

He became well-known for writing two books, Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies and Twilight of the Gods, as well as being featured regularly on Minnesota sports radio for video game reviews. Additionally, he supports various charities and still punts with the Vikings during training camp.

Net Worth

Chris Kluwe’s wife Isabel has become used to being at the center of attention, which has only increased following his controversial statement on gay marriage. They share two children together and Isabel writes for Deadspin website.

Kluwe was known to speak out vehemently against social issues involving same-sex marriage, becoming one of the more controversial players in the NFL. He accused his former team of terminating his contract due to his beliefs and threatened legal action unless they suspended their special teams coach for four games.

Kluwe finds great pleasure outside of football in reading and writing. Additionally, he is an avid video game player and has spoken openly about this hobby on multiple occasions.

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