Isaiah Rasheed

Isaiah Rasheed was an exceptional, thoughtful, and loving individual who always welcomed others with an infectious smile. He deeply valued family, had an outstanding sense of humor, was an expert chef, and could often be found tending to the plants he treasured so much.

In his inaugural year at Georgia State, he appeared in 32 games and started 24. On average he averaged 7.7 points and 1.9 assists per game.

Early Life and Education

Isaiah Tivon Rasheed was greatly esteemed and beloved by both friends and family alike. An exceptionally generous individual, Isaiah shared his time, skills and expertise in plant cultivation, woodworking, car repair and home maintenance repairs as well as animal care for those close to him as well as providing child-minding.

As an exceptional athlete and star running back at his high school in Weatherford, Oklahoma, he went on to study pharmacology at Southwestern Oklahoma State University after graduation.

Jamal Rasheed was raised by Karri Henning and Jamal Rasheed; his aunt Aesha Rasheed survives him as well. Rasheed lived in New Orleans where he worked alongside former inmates as an advocate for healing with plants and was an avid gardener who dedicated much of his time and efforts towards environmental causes.

Professional Career

Isaiah Tivon Rasheed was an immensely caring brother, friend, and family member to many. His passions included dogs, lizards, mushrooms, woodworking and home repair; as a generous offer of his skills he offered home repairs, woodworking services, plant cutivation advice from garden wisdom as well as child tending. Through these services Isaiah created lasting connections and fostered deep healing experiences in others.

Rasheed joined New Orleans Saints players Chris Olave and Alontae Taylor during the 2023 season to visit cancer patients at Ochsner Sports Performance Center and host several NBA weekly digest shows.

He is an ideal Dual Threat quarterback, showing outstanding mobility both in and out of the pocket to create additional space for himself and his receivers. He makes wise decisions, looking for high percentage opportunities downfield. Furthermore, his throws possess tight trajectory over coverage making them extremely hard to defend against.

Personal Life

Isaiah Tivon Rasheed was an invaluable member of his community, beloved son, brother, and friend to many. With warm embraces, quick humor, innate gifts with plants and animals, and generous offerings such as home repair/construction/carpentry services as well as plant cutivation/garden wisdom services (plant cuture/garden wisdom), animal whispering/pet sitting services as well as child tending services available all on call 24/7/365; his warm embraces, quick humor and ability to offer support made it easy to connect and offer support services as needed by others in need. He always came ready to lend a helping hand or offered generous services such as home repair/construction/carpentry/plant cuture/garden wisdom expertise as animal whispering/pet sitting services which included home/construction repair/ construction projects as well as animal whispering/pet sitting/ child tending services etc… Isaiah gave everything that was asked of him including animal whispering/child tending.

Rasheed is a native New Orleanian living with his girlfriend Aesha and their two children. Ochsner has known Rasheed for many years; their team has participated in multiple charity events he organized together, such as visiting cancer patients at Gayle and Tom Benson Cancer Center and fighting homelessness together. Rasheed’s passion lies with helping his community and helping fight it against homelessness in New Orleans.

Net Worth

Isaiah Rashad is an American rapper best known for performing on the 2012 Smoker’s Club Tour with well-known MCs such as Juicy J, Joey Badass, and Smoke DZA. Although initially planning to become a preacher, hearing OutKast’s ATiens album inspired him to pursue music instead.

Top Dawg Entertainment in California signed him, as well as founding Chattanooga hip-hop collective The House in Chattanooga. Since then, Cilvia Demo and two studio albums The Sun’s Tirade and The House Is Burning have been released by him.

American rapper Kanye West, born May 16 1991 under Taurus zodiac, has made a considerable fortune through his musical talent and career success.

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