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Isn’t this color combination the new trend in interior design?

It’s nothing new under the sun that the pastel tones have a tremendous decorative tendency in interior design right now. But did you know about it? The nuances become darker and more desaturated, and not necessarily tender and pale. In fact, today we are going to show you a very popular color combination that can be used anywhere in the home. It gives every room a modern and relaxing atmosphere. The exquisite color code is dusty pink and dark indigo blue. It can be ideally combined with roughly processed wood, as well as with gray and white elements. This color concept, which is pleasing to the eye, is usually found on sumptuous house textiles such as bed linen, curtains, upholstered furniture, etc. With these beautiful pastel colors, you create an exquisite atmosphere that is cozy and homely at the same time.

Interior dusky pink bedroom dark blue curtain floor lamp

A cozy bedroom in dusty pink and dark indigo blue

What do you mean? Will this great color combination of dusty pink and dark indigo blue spice up your home? Be inspired by the picture gallery below and don’t forget – the best colors for the interior are those that you like best.

Bedroom pastel tones wardrobe in white carpet

Upholstered furniture in old pink and dark indigo blue stand out ideally in a white ambience

Living room dark blue pastel tint trendy color concept old pink color

Nice dark pastel colors on the walls – especially for the enthusiast

Bench, wooden frame, upholstery, dusky pink decorative cushions, trendy pastel tones

Upholstered bench with delicate upholstery in old pink and decorative cushions in strong indigo blue

Bedding in pastel coffee in bed interior modern

Bed linen does not necessarily have to be a single color. Combine matching colors

Color concept pastel dusky pink jacket female hands design

The trendy color combination is very stylish for your clothes

Children's room design dusty pink cot pillow dusty pink

A luxurious children’s room design in dusty pink

Bedroom interior interiors dark blue curtains pastel tones

With thick curtains in dark indigo blue you control the strong sunlight in summer

Furniture shelves on castors in white ornamental flower

Pastel colors stand out ideally in a white setting.

Bedroom dark blue pastel tones trendy color concept simple design

A dramatic bedroom in dark indigo blue

Color combination pastel tones blue wood driftwood

Indigo blue and driftwood – a chic, romantic color combination for summer

 Living room design pastel tones old rose luxury upholstered armchair design lamp

Dark old pink combined with black gives the ambience a luxurious, dramatic look

Curtains in dusty pink color concept modern pastel tones

For walls painted gray, choose curtains in dusty pink

Interior design living room trendy blue pastel tones

For the indigo blue walls, opt for decorative elements in pastel tones such as antique pink, for example. B.

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