It Smells Like Shitrus Meme

It Smells Like Shitrus

Everyone has that friend who swears by the meme “It smells just like shitrus”. We’re the kind of people who can’t go on a trip without some citrus spray, and the “It smells like shitrus” meme is a perfect example. As more people realize its sexist nature, this meme is growing in popularity. This meme was inspired by UnFocused1, an Internet user who tweeted “Shit#Shiss” as well as “Citrus Lemon, Shitrus”.

After a big dump, the scent of Bed and Bath citrus spray

You’ve probably smelled the Bed and Bath citrus spray after taking an enormous dump. It stinks like shitrus. It’s not unattractive though. To ensure it doesn’t ruin your day, there are a few things you should look out for. First of all, don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging!

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