Jack Counsell

Jack Counsell – The Son of Milwaukee Brewers Manager Craig Counsell

Jack Counsell’s double in Game Six of the 2011 NLCS was met with an uproarious standing ovation from fans, sparking one of baseball’s greatest World Series battles ever seen.

Counsell earned fame during his 16-year playing career due to his intelligent gameplay and clutch performances, earning himself accolades from coaches and managers alike. Today he serves as both coach and manager.

Early Life and Education

Craig Counsell’s son Jack Counsell, is an accomplished baseball player. He graduated with his high school team from Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin this past May 2015 and plans on continuing playing college baseball next year.

Jack Counsell’s elder brother is Brady Counsell and he also plays baseball – for both school varsity teams and tournament teams. Jack has taken to following in Brady’s footsteps and benefiting from having a father who manages baseball teams as role model.

Jack Counsell’s life extends far beyond baseball; he and Michelle share four children between them – two sons and two daughters. All five live happily together in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin where the couple tied the knot during 2001’s spring training season and have since remained together.

Professional Career

Counsell was an adaptable player during his 16-year playing career, serving as second baseman, shortstop, and third baseman – earning the respect of teammates, opponents and fans alike for his intelligent gameplay and clutch performances.

His time with the Florida Marlins was especially memorable, as he helped them win their inaugural World Series championship in 1997. To crown it all off, he scored the game-winning run in Game 7 to cement his legacy within baseball history.

Counsell’s transition from player to manager was seamless; his smart decision-making and leadership have proven invaluable for the Milwaukee Brewers organization – winning several division titles while becoming beloved among fans in Milwaukee.

Achievement and Honors

Counsell earned the admiration and respect of players, coaches and fans during his long baseball career. His astute decision-making and strong leadership abilities enabled him to create an engaging culture within his teams; furthermore, his commitment to excellence and enthusiasm for the game propelled him toward unparalleled success.

He played second base for both the Marlins and Arizona Diamondbacks for sixteen seasons, earning his reputation as an invaluable second baseman and consistent field presence. Since retiring from playing, in 2012, he has become one of the sport’s premier managers.

Counsell recently skipped Milwaukee Brewers’ game against Oakland Athletics to attend his son’s high school graduation, and bench coach Pat Murphy, who managed the final 96 games of 2015 season for San Diego Padres was in his place.

Personal Life

Jack Counsell is the son of Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell and Brady Counsell (University of Minnesota baseball player). This spring he graduated high school and plans on playing college baseball for Michigan next season.

Jack lives with his family in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, which is well-known in sports circles; however, they keep their personal lives under wraps. Jack has an elder brother and two younger sisters – all players – all playing baseball.

The Counsells met during high school, married shortly thereafter and have four children together, including twins and son Jack who began playing baseball at an early age, eventually joining Whitefish Bay High School’s baseball team as well as Notre Dame Fighting Irish baseball as an infielder.

Net Worth

Counsell has shown versatility and baseball intelligence during his 16-year career, playing for teams like Colorado Rockies, Florida Marlins, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Arizona Diamondbacks. His playmaking prowess and clutch performances have won him praise from teammates, coaches and fans alike.

He currently resides with his wife Michelle in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, with three children – Brady Counsell, Jack Counsell and Rowan Counsell – whom they share a net worth estimated at around $1.5 million due to professional baseball careers and endorsements/investments that generate an income for them both. Together they enjoy an affluent lifestyle which they are extremely content with their achievements.

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