Jack Crafty

Jack Crafty

Jack Crafty is an interesting individual with many interests and talents. He is a musician, writer (having written several books) and businessperson; possessing an amazing sense of humor while remaining very personable as well as possessing immense intelligence.

Craft’s cast iron pieces evoke rigid stasis, yet their surfaces host ever-expanding deposits of rust, scale, and hairier growth – microevolutions which could soon turn an ocean into a desert.

Early Life and Education

Jack was an eager and driven young man despite having limited education, enrolling at University Academy of Alameda; an intensive prep school which allowed him to finish four years of high school in two. Jack dove headfirst into his coursework, soon surpassing even those from wealthier families in academic performance.

He spent much of his free time throwing pottery on a primitive kiln in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and visiting studio and industrial potteries across Scandinavia and Germany to gain insight into modern production methods.

He and Peggy founded Waimea Pottery craft studio and Richmond Pottery and Ceramics, two pioneering businesses which were instrumental in shaping a generation of New Zealand potters. As educators, artists and innovators, both worked up until their respective deaths – which occurred at 88 and 93 respectively.

Achievement and Honors

Johnson enjoyed an accomplished and distinguished career, serving as Production Illustrator, Conceptual Artist or Art Director on over 60 movies during his long and esteemed career; these included popular titles such as Goonies, Edward Scissorhands, Toys, Jurassic Park III Pleasantville Big Fish Jerry Maguire and Beetlejuice. His personal work has won him critical acclaim and been featured at major national exhibitions. For his artistic talents he received both the Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects and Honorary RDI award from Royal Society of the Arts London. He currently divides his time between New York City and East Hampton, NY, where he established the LongHouse Reserve at his Long Island home. In 2022 he received the F.X Matt Defense of Industry award. Additionally he was a member of Mass Brewers Guild as well as co-founder of Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers.

Personal Life

Jack was an avid reader who also took great delight in writing short stories and essays, having several published in newspapers and literary magazines. Additionally, he reviewed plays and movies.

After World War II, Jack and his wife moved to Abingdon in Oxfordshire, where he worked at a country pottery to hone his crafts while teaching at a grammar school.

Jack rose to become an influential leader of New Zealand’s pottery scene. He contributed technical articles to New Zealand Pottery magazine and held conferences centered around pottery craft. Additionally, Jack helped establish an extramural art department at Victoria University College’s new Palmerston North campus and initiated a growing scene of local potters. Furthermore, Jack’s generosity extended to talented artists who often received paintings as gifts from him; often gifting paintings directly back out and encouraging them to pursue careers as painters themselves.

Net Worth

The Jack Craft Fair was created to transform how people view “craft”, showcase emerging artists, and bring art into the mainstream. Additionally, their Buffalo-based company also runs Top of the Mornin’ Coffee which donates one meal for each order received and donates one to children in need.

He is also part-owner of Southern California-based The Plug, a unique recovery beverage business. Inspired by fellow rapper Jay-Z, he looks to diversify his investment portfolio further in the near future.

Erich has endorsement deals with New Balance, Call of Duty, Venmo and Cheetos; as well as making appearances in movies and video games as himself. His unfailing passion for his craft and determination have amassed an impressive net worth for him.

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