Jack Goggin

Jack Goggin – One Name Shines Brighter Than All

Jack Goggin stood out among Detroit musicians as an exceptional professional and cinematic music enthusiast who touched many lives within his field of expertise.

He first joined 90.9 in 2005, where he hosted “Film Classics”, an hour-long weekly program featuring orchestral scores spanning from the early ’30s through today.

Early Life and Education

Jack Goggin was an iconic local broadcaster known for sharing his passion for music with metro Detroiters for decades. Joining 90.9 radio in 2005 as the host of “Film Classics”, an hour long weekly show dedicated to film music composed between 1932 (when talking pictures first debuted and background scoring was introduced) and present day. Orchestral pieces typically featured during these episodes ranging from early 1930s talking pictures through to current day cinematic scores were typically featured.

He was also an active member of St. Michael Catholic Church in Flint and St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church in Flushing and supported Powers Catholic High School sports teams. John, Michael and Terrence Goggin were his sons while their grandfather Kerry Sarah Kelly Sheila Brudi made up their brood. Helen Goggin and John Goggin had been married 67 years and were members of Waterbury Elks Lodge #265 as well as Ancient Order of Hibernians.

Professional Career

Goggin currently works with Stockworth Realty Group in Winter Park, Florida as a real estate advisor. Prior to that he worked alongside Mark Hayes from Isleworth Realty from 2011-2015.

Gogin was honored as a First Team All-CCIW performer for both singles and doubles during Augustana’s 12-win campaign this fall in both categories; leading her team to victory at conference tournament and earning 16th on Augustana’s All-Time Singles/Doubles Victory List with 117 victories overall.

Jack joined 90.9 FM radio as host of “Film Classics,” an hour-long weekly program dedicated to film music written since 1930 – when talking pictures and background scoring first began being utilized – until present day. His show became beloved among its listeners in Metro Detroit. Jack was dedicated both to his program and its listeners – touching many lives through it!

Achievement and Honors

After experiencing a difficult childhood, Goggins found strength through military service. He graduated Army Ranger School and SEAL training with top enlisted man honors.

Dexter is also an accomplished long-distance runner, competing in ultramarathons while raising funds for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. His success can be attributed to an approach known as “Day One, Week One” – an approach that compels him to address each new challenge head on and overcome them quickly.

Goggins, who hails from Flint, is an avid backer of Powers Catholic High School sports teams. According to his son Andy, Goggins will attend Ford Field this Saturday for the Division 5 state championship game and has given generously towards other high school athletic events throughout Genesee County, such as donating funds towards new football fields or attending sporting events frequently.

Personal Life

Goggins was known for his generosity towards a variety of people and causes in his personal life, from campaign supporters for local politicians to providing free space at his business for various fundraisers and projects.

He was immensely proud of his Irish heritage and attended many local Irish events, while being an active sports fan who participated in various sporting events throughout the region.

He first joined 90.9 as part of its family in 2005, hosting Film Classics weekly – an hour dedicated to music written for movies – which became immensely popular with listeners. His infectious enthusiasm made the program a great hit!

Net Worth

Goggins is a former Navy SEAL and Air Force Tactical Air Control Party member, author, athlete, and inspirational speaker who also works as an author. One of his many accomplishments includes multiple wins at Badwater 135 ultramarathon.

Goggins is also an accomplished motivational speaker who has addressed professional sports teams and corporations both publicly and privately, selling millions of copies of his books along the way.

At present, his net worth is estimated to be $5 Million and all his assets invested at 4.5% annually would produce an income of at least $18,750 yearly; however, due to book sales and speaking engagements he likely makes much more. Other sources of income for Goggins include stock trading (he has made 31 trades in Moodys stock over 20 years). Other notable assets for him are his home and an airplane.

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