Jack Hiller

Jack Hiller and Charles CK Gailey – Mentors and Supporters of This Site

Two key mentors and supporters of this website passed away during February: Jack Hiller on March 3rd and Charles CK Gailey on the 22nd. Their support, encouragement, and critical analysis made this effort much stronger.

Jack Hiller currently serves as Senior Program Associate of International Republican Institute and has held this role for 8 months. He resides in Springfield, Virginia.

Early Life and Education

Jack Hiller spent much of his childhood watching La Center football team compete, dreaming of one day donning its jersey and becoming part of its history. On November 3rd – 4th Jack will finally have the chance to do just that!

Lt. Col. Scott Hiller (Jill’s brother) saluted Airman First Class Jill Hiller upon her graduation from Basic Training at Lackland AFB, TX in April 2013. Jill Hiller joined the Air Force this past June – marking four generations in her family to serve in uniform.

Wray and Dorothy Hiller, shown here with their son John Bradley Hiller, are welcoming and well-educated individuals who maintain a Christian home environment. Additionally, they own a lake house and can financially provide care and custody services for any children that come their way.

Professional Career

Hiller is an attorney at Scott and Sheila. With extensive litigation experience in products liability and commercial tort cases, as well as business and real estate litigation. Additionally, his focus includes business and real estate litigation matters for accounting firms, attorneys, agents, mortgage brokers, debtors and creditors.

Hillier got his professional career off to a flying start as he defeated Jules Phillips of Southhampton ABC Amateur Boxing Club in Boscombe. Hillier showed some sharp jabs and caused Jules Phillips pain on multiple occasions during their encounter, moving to 3-0 (1 KO). Under Barry McGuigan’s tutelage he will only continue to develop into an exciting lightweight contender with bright future ahead of them.

Achievement and Honors

Hiller was an engaging character. Curious and self-deprecating at times, Hiller took an interest in learning about other people and their lives – believing he could learn something from everyone he encountered, whether it was Golda Meir and Gerald Ford or busboys and waitresses he spoke to.

Hiller enjoyed much success throughout the 1970s, beginning with Love Story based on Erich Segal’s best-selling novel of that name, which became a massive box office hit and garnered seven Oscar nominations including one for Hiller as director.

Other films he directed included Paddy Chayefsky’s comedy The Americanization of Emily with James Garner; action adventure Tobruk with Rock Hudson and George Peppard, Popi with Natalie Wood; Plaza Suite featuring Walter Matthau; satirical Plaza Suite with Walter Matthau; biopic The Babe featuring John Goodman. Additionally he was responsible for episodes of television shows like Wagon Train, Perry Mason, Barbara Stanwyck Show Gunsmoke as well as Naked City drama series Naked City among many others.

Personal Life

Hiller was also active in community and Jewish organizations outside his legal practice, serving on the board of Houston Jewish Federation and as president of Congregation Beth Yeshurun as well as Herzl Lodge of B’nai B’rith and was past-president of Zionist Organization of America.

Hiller was an ardent family man and dedicated his time and love to raising his three sons Jack Jr. and Jeffery with their wives Larissa and Jennifer as well as five grandchildren.

Hiller was sentenced to 36 months of incarceration followed by 5 years of supervised release in 2022 for possessing child pornography, specifically possessing Kik application that allows users to send and receive sexually explicit images and messages about children.

Net Worth

Hiller keeps much of his personal life private. He does not discuss details regarding any love affairs he may be engaged in and prefers keeping them to himself.

His career began on radio before making the leap to television, directing episodes for shows such as Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Perry Mason, Naked City Route 66 and Gunsmoke.

Hiller won critical acclaim with his groundbreaking romantic tearjerker Love Story based on Erich Segal’s novel and starring Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw. Hiller collaborated on three other films with Paddy Chayefsky – The Americanization of Emily, Tobruk, Plaza Suite; as well as Neil Simon for Plaza Suite. Other feature credits of Hiller include Silver Streak, W.C Fields & Me, The In-Laws and Outrageous Fortune among many others. Additionally he served as president of Directors Guild of America from 1989 – 1993.

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