Jack Houser

Jack Houser

John Houser lived much of his life near the Alabama-Georgia state line, owning both Peachtree Pub in Columbus and later Rusty’s Buckethead Pub in LaGrange. Known for his unpredictable behavior, Houser maintained both establishments during his lifetime.

In 2008, his wife and other family members filed a request to have him committed involuntarily due to his erratic behavior and making potentially alarming statements.

Early Life and Education

Jack Houser was born in New Stanton, Pennsylvania. After attending Roman Catholic high school and Villanova University for undergraduate studies, he completed his doctoral work at Pennsylvania State University before teaching chemistry at Akron University for several years prior to retiring and moving with his wife Jan to Albuquerque New Mexico with her.

He spent years traveling around the globe, particularly Africa. In 1953 he established the American Committee on Africa to advocate for an end to colonialism and apartheid in South Africa. King often consulted Houser on matters concerning human rights; both had an “abiding concern for human rights”.

Personal life: He was an accomplished woodworker and photographer, as well as enjoying classical music.

Professional Career

Houser pursued law school after earning his accounting degree and graduated from Faulkner University in Alabama; however, state records indicate he never took the bar exam nor practiced law professionally.

He owned a pub in LaGrange and lost its liquor license after hanging a Nazi flag outside it, according to city documents. Furthermore, he became involved in local politics by making controversial statements at board meetings and call-in radio shows; one such statement encouraged violent responses against abortion.

His unpredictable and violent behaviors eventually resulted in voluntary hospitalization and a restraining order preventing him from approaching family. He lived near the Georgia-Alabama border towns, frequently visiting relatives across state lines; moving to Colorado Springs in 2012 so as to be near his daughter and granddaughter.

Achievement and Honors

Houser was a member of Auburndale Police Department from 1989 to 2006 and served in multiple divisions, such as Patrol, Marine Patrol, Traffic Unit Honor Guard Investigations Special Enforcement Tactical. Additionally he also worked as field training officer.

He cherishedd his family and friends and was proud of the accomplishments of his children. For over 25 years, he belonged to West End Church of Christ in Livingston where he served as an Elder.

He was honored with a Paul Harris Fellowship by the Denver Rotary Club, believing in community cooperation and founded and served as first President of Downtown Denver Residents Organization. Additionally he sat on several Boards, volunteering for numerous local causes as a proud veteran.

Personal Life

He was an ardent Clemson and NASCAR supporter and enjoyed playing golf, tennis and racquetball. Both he and his wife were members of Antioch Baptist Church in Camden.

Jack Houser was an incredible individual who will be sorely missed. With many diverse interests and always being the life of any party, he will surely be missed by many.

Beverly Jean Berndt was his wife of 62 years; their daughters Helen (Jeff) Sweeney of Walkerton and Grace Houser of Hobart; grandchildren Eric Houser, Jack Houser, Katherine Houser and Jordan McGee as well as great-grandchildren Peyton, Bruce Ashlyn Parker all survive him. Instead of sending flowers donations can be made to either Denver Rescue Mission or Denver Civic Ventures in lieu of flowers.

Net Worth

His career as a video game developer enabled him to amass an impressive fortune. As president of Rockstar Games and with being responsible for some of their most iconic titles such as Grand Theft Auto series.

He has appeared in multiple TV shows and movies. Additionally, he wrote “A New Kind of War” which details his experiences and beliefs as a pacifist.

He boasts an enormous social media following and has been sponsored by Bleach London and MVMT Watches among other companies. Additionally, he takes great pleasure in giving back to society, supporting charities and foundations – owning his dream house while traveling around to discover whatever will bring happiness in his life.

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