Jack Immel

Jack Immel – Tap Dancer, Musician, Comedian and Television Producer

Jack Immel was an American tap dancer, musician, comedian and television producer best known for his long tenure on The Lawrence Welk Show from 1957-1982. Born June 9, 1932 in Portland Indiana.

At age four, he began taking tap dancing lessons before transitioning to playing marimba. Soon thereafter he started performing at clubs and concerts around his hometown up through high school graduation.

Early Life and Education

Jack was born and raised in Portland, Indiana where he learned both marimba and tap dancing as children. By age five he had already performed onstage in his hometown before going on to perform professionally in theaters across the country as an adult. Later still he would embark on cruise ships together with wife Norma around the world.

In 1957, he sent Lawrence Welk an audition record and was invited to join his show as an actress. Over time he became a regular part of it before eventually becoming its associate producer.

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Professional Career

Jack Imel was an internationally-known tap dancer, musician, singer and television producer best known for his work on The Lawrence Welk Show. On April 30th 2017 at age 84 he passed away peacefully at his home in Porterville California.

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Achievement and Honors

Jack was an impressive singer-dancer-musician and television producer who became a mainstay of The Lawrence Welk Show for 25 years. Known for tap dancing and marimba playing, as well as performing specialty song and dance numbers and serving as associate producer, he was a key component in making the show successful.

From 1957-1982, Imel was a fan favorite on the Welk program and quickly became one of his audiences’ favorites. However, after about three months the audience started sending complaints that he was overbearing or show-offy; Welk responded by giving Imel an array of percussion instruments like bells, ukuleles and maracas for him to use, changing how audiences viewed him and making audiences appreciate his talents all the more.

Jack Imel Drive was named in his honor in Portland, Indiana and now he and Norma live in Springville, California.

Personal Life

Imel was an accomplished tap dancer and musician. With an uncanny talent for musical marimba playing, he would often perform on the streets of Portland with passers-by watching his performances on his marimba. Additionally, he performed at local clubs and concerts alongside his dance partner Norma who acted as his dance partner and wife.

Imel joined the Lawrence Welk Show with great energy and ideas in 1957, becoming an associate producer. He quickly established himself with notable performances including singing as well as animal costume-wearing dance routines alongside Bobby Burgess.

He was an active member of both the Lions Club and Loyal Order of Moose, passing away April 30, 2017 in Springville, California at age 84.

Net Worth

Lawrence “Jack” Imel was an American tap dancer, singer, marimba player and television producer best known for his work on The Lawrence Welk Show. Born June 9 in Portland Indiana on June 9, 1932; died April 30 in Springville California at 84.

Imel joined the Welk show in 1957, quickly becoming an energetic member of its cast – performing song and dance routines as well as pitching production ideas to its producers and ultimately becoming an associate producer for the program.

He was also an animal conservationist, serving on the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens board of trustees and actively advocating wildlife education and children’s literacy. Norma Jean Denney was his wife.

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