Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson was an individual of many passions; from rock and roll music, to California sunshine and contributing to brain sciences research. But most importantly, Jack loved his two daughters dearly.

He created some of radio’s most captivating drama, introducing film stars such as James Stewart to radio audiences and hosting an edition of America’s Most Wanted called Somebody Knows which all viewers would recognize as Somebody Knows.

Early Life and Education

At one time he was an enthusiastic athlete; participating in the first triathlon. Later he would go on to become an acclaimed songwriter and musician releasing six albums that all hit Billboard chart-toppers.

He was an enthusiastic member of Rotary International and Paul Harris Fellow, regularly devoting time and resources to this cause. Additionally, he was known for always remembering to send birthday cards or Christmas presents for his nieces and nephews.

His passions included rock and roll music, the California sun and ocean waters, natural beauty, politics, art and science as well as most importantly his two daughters whom he dearly cherished. He will be missed by many; he was truly inspirational person.

Professional Career

“Jonathan Bundy” produced some of radio’s greatest drama, adapting comic-strip stories for airwaves and helping create a genre with sardonic sophistication. Additionally, he appeared as himself and narrated several major network melodramas during the 1950s under an assumed identity known as Jonathan Bundy to hide his true identity.

He joined Williamstown Football Club in 2013 and quickly established himself as an outstanding defender, particularly during their 2015 Premiership run. Unfortunately he is now leaving due to work commitments in Gippsland.

His passions included rock and roll music, soaking up California sunshine, ocean waters, natural beauty, politics and the arts and sciences. Jack will be deeply missed by many and leaves two daughters as his legacy. Jack passed away peacefully in Burbank on April 4, 2016. He was 62.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Johnstone has received several prestigious honors for his work. These include receiving the Congressional Gold Medal – Congress’ highest award – as well as lifetime membership in both Royal & Ancient and St Andrews Golf Clubs.

Jack and Zoe Johnstone have helped transform Columbus’ once-disreputable Short North district into a cultural hot spot, thanks to their community involvement and activism, for which they received the Short North Foundation Community Leadership Award.

They founded the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation to foster environmental, art, and music education as well as on-campus master classes for woodwind artists as well as commission a new composition featuring woodwind instruments by an established composer. Each year they participate in festivals and concerts to raise money for these causes.

Personal Life

Jack Johnstone had numerous interests outside the world of baseball. He enjoyed reading, rock and roll music and basking in Californian sunshine. Additionally, he regularly participated in charity golf tournaments and baseball clinics.

He was an amazing family man and friend, always finding time for everyone who needed someone. His sense of humor kept everyone laughing, and was an outstanding role model for young athletes.

Flora Q. Johnstone and Amy (Johnstone) Martling were his cherished daughters; he also was proud to become grandfather to Amelia Grace Martling who will forever hold an enormous place in his heart. His legacy lives on through his many accomplishments and the positive outlook that was always apparent during his life. He will be dearly missed.

Net Worth

Jack Johnson amassed a net worth of $25 Million through his music career and is considered one of the premier singers. Additionally, he has appeared in many movies while being active in charitable efforts.

With his wife Kim Baker, Johnson has two sons and a daughter whom he keeps private; their names haven’t been made public. But they’re known for their philanthropic efforts via Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation which supports environmental, art, and music education worldwide.

He currently resides with his wife and children on Hawaii’s North Shore in a beautiful home, where they enjoy surfing and spending time together – often posting pictures on Instagram of both activities!

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