Jack Krasula

Jack Krasula in the Encouragement Business

Jack Krasula specializes in giving hope. Each Sunday evening on WJR Radio from Detroit, he broadcasts one-hour doses of encouragement featuring guests such as astronauts, CEOs, inventors and Hall of Fame athletes sharing their stories of triumph despite seemingly impossible circumstances and giving God all of the credit.

He’s an expert at asking challenging, thought-provoking questions.

Early Life and Education

Jack Krasula hosts his weekly radio program “Anything is Possible” on NewsTalk 760 WJR every Sunday evening for one hour, providing Detroiters with encouragement. Throughout this hour long show titled, he interviews successful people who have come from humble beginnings to achieve greatness while giving God credit. Guests include astronauts, Miss Americas, CEOs, inventors, Hall-of-Famer athletes, actors, US senators, accomplished preachers and philanthropists as guests on his program.

At first, he started the show as an eager but somewhat inept amateur, but quickly distinguished himself with insightful questions that dig beneath the surface and with careful control over his own talking time to allow guests to share their experiences freely. These interviews often prove thrilling – he knows just how to find their real story!

Professional Career

Jack Krasula hosts his one-hour show of encouragement, Anything Is Possible, on Detroit’s WJR radio every Sunday evening. In it he tells stories of people who overcame great odds to succeed through business ventures, philanthropy or simply by perseverance.

Krasula has interviewed numerous highly successful businesspeople, from astronauts and Miss Americas to astronauts, Miss America finalists, Hall-of-Famer athletes, CEOs, inventors and accomplished preachers. His interview questions tend to be straightforward and direct in order to elicit deep emotional responses from his guests.

Chris is also an ardent Chicago Cubs supporter who remains hopeful despite their 99-year losing streak, believing that lessons learned in sports can be applied to daily life and shared this perspective with his listeners. Additionally, Chris operates Trustinus LLC as an executive search provider as well as Star Tickets which offers full ticketing services.

Achievement and Honors

Krasula specializes in “encouragement.” On WJR Radio’s Anything Is Possible show each week, guests share incredible accounts of accomplishment. Astronauts, Miss Americas, CEOs, inventors, Hall-of-Famer athletes, actors, U.S. senators, accomplished preachers and philanthropists have shared their amazing journeys of triumph against all odds as guests on his program.

His show provides an outlet for guests to discuss how their faith intersects with their pursuit of success. Recently he spoke with Tom McCormick, founder and executive director of Focus: HOPE, an organization which mentors student-athletes. McCormick shared how being Christian helps him maintain an appropriate perspective in life.

Personal Life

Krasula, born and raised in Detroit, is an independently successful businessman who founded his own executive search firm and hosts WJR 760 AM’s Anything Is Possible radio show to encourage guests in sharing their success against all odds – such as astronauts, Miss Americas, U.S. senators, CEOs and Hall-of-Famer athletes among many others.

The Foundation appears no longer active or has closed down, as evidenced by its record in the IRS public database being marked “CLOSED.”

He was particularly fond of baseball legend Yogi Berra, whom he described as one of the only individuals ever to achieve one-name fame prior to People magazine, personal brands, and 24-hour cable news democratization of fame.

Net Worth

Jack Krasula has an estimated net worth of over $80 million and serves as founder, president, and CEO of Trustinus LLC – a family office service firm located in Southfield, Michigan. Additionally, Krasula founded and led Decision Consultants Inc. which was sold to Ciber Inc. in May 2002 after accruing $150 million in revenues and 1800+ employees. Krasula had disputes with another Michigan-based businessman named Jerry Campbell due to allegations he was hiding money to avoid debt related to Pinnacle racetrack – claims which Jerry Campbell denies while living now in Florida

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