Jack Liffrig

Minnesota Transfer Jack Liffrig

Jack Liffrig was born in Makoti, North Dakota and raised in Grand Forks. After graduating high school he joined the United States Air Force and continued serving his nation there for an additional 15 years.

Maryland baseball was held scoreless through five innings by Minnesota starter Jack Liffrig, but managed to score three runs in the bottom of the sixth.

Professional Career

Jack Liffrig, a junior transfer from Utah, will likely fill Max Meyer’s former position as Minnesota starting pitcher. Liffrig boasts strong stuff and has shown steady improvement during fall ball.

On his first start for Minnesota, he pitched seven scoreless innings against Michigan, giving up just two hits while striking out an outstanding eight batters for an ERA drop to 4.24.

After an uneven start, Minnesota rallied in the seventh inning with three runs on four hits — including an intentional bases-loaded walk and Ronald Sweeny’s two-run homer — to post their first Big Ten series win of 2017 and avenge their loss to Creighton at Omaha. This win also gave Minnesota their first Big Ten series victory of 2018.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Liffrig pitched seven innings of scoreless ball against Michigan, allowing only two hits while striking out eight to post his career-best strikeout count in one game. Liffrig has been instrumental in Minnesota’s five-game winning streak.

Ben Alleyne gave Minnesota some breathing room with his team-leading fifth home run of the season, giving it a 6-4 advantage heading into the seventh inning.

SDSU junior Nic Nelson opened the scoring during the big inning by driving home their initial run with a single to left. Subsequently, senior right fielder Clark Beazley broke the tie by unleashing an epic grand slam to break it all open.

Personal Life

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Jack Liffrig, formerly a star at Mountain Vista High School in Colorado. Liffrig has made an immediate impactful statement since joining Minnesota this fall and should start in 2020 despite undergoing Tommy John surgery at Utah as a freshman; in fact he threw seven innings of shutout ball against Michigan with eight strikeouts, tying his season high strikeout total.

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