Jack Mansure

Jack Mansure – A Book Review

Jack Mansure passed away peacefully at home on July 14, 2015 surrounded by family. He is survived by Gina M. Iorio – his high school sweetheart from high school days; parents; Kelsey Horner; Katie and Frank Hayden Mansure as well as two canine companions and niece/nephews/aunts & nephews and other relatives and friends.

Early Life and Education

Born May 11 1942 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Attended Wesleyan University and University of Pennsylvania Medical School before serving with United States Army during World War II. Resided in Bryn Mawr and visited Martha’s Vineyard often.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Gina M. Iorio Mansure; son Matthew J. Mansure; daughter Shelby M. Mansure; his mother and father-in-law Robert and Alice Kruplo; sisters Marnie A. Horner and Dawn M. Arnold as well as nephews Kelsey Horner (Kyle Horner’s younger sister) Dawn Arnold Payton Arnold as well as many beloved nieces and nephews; canine companions Rocky and Bailey and dear friends.

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Professional Career

Jack Mansure served as a police officer in Trenton, NJ for 16 years before retiring in 2009 and moving to Plumsted Township where he enjoyed fishing, crabbing, cooking, spending time with family at his shore house and his rescue dog Callie. A graduate of Greenville High School who had just begun studying biology; also an avid visitor of Martha’s Vineyard where he made many lifelong friendships.

Achievement and Honors

This book takes readers on an exploration of Jack’s musical trajectories with an objective and respectful tone, revealing a demanding artist who was unsatisfied in any situation he found himself in. It describes his relationship with Ginger Baker – who recognized his talent and helped develop it – his dark period with West Bruce and Laing (where heroin derailed their potential as hard rocking artists) and other projects with Felix Pappalardi, Carla Bley, John McLaughlin among many others.

It also tells an intriguing tale of how “Out of the Storm”, though considered an artistic success by critics and fans alike, was ultimately not commercially successful due to label mismanagement and other factors.

Personal Life

Jack Mansure was born and raised in Trenton, NJ before making Hamilton/Plumsted his home for most of his adult life. After attending Greenville High School he graduated with a BS in Biology from College of Charleston. Over time he made many friends on Martha’s Vineyard as well as enjoying cooking, gardening, fishing, crabbing and taking care of his pets. Jack leaves behind his wife Gina M. Iorio Mansure as well as son Matthew J. Mansure and daughter Shelby M. Mansure as well as father Richard Iorio Iorio; mother Alice Kruplo Mansure as well as nieces nephews other relatives as well as rescue dog Callie who all love and miss each one very much.

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Net Worth

Mansour has an estimated net worth that would make Scrooge McDuck shudder with envy. His vast fortune consists of investments spanning real estate ventures to automobile companies – an impressive feat given that Mansour himself claims not to know exactly where all his money has gone.

No doubt Loutfy Mansour has amassed an enormous fortune that allows him to enjoy lavish vacations, exotic cars and an assortment of finery. But even with all this wealth at his disposal he still manages to find time and donate generously to charitable causes – evidence of an outstanding philanthropist like him who has left an incredible legacy that we hope continues well into the future. We wish Loutfy Mansour all our best!

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