Jack Masloff

The Story of Jack Masloff

Jack Masloff was among a dozen former Rams currently playing professional baseball when he signed as a free agent with the Detroit Tigers in January 2022.

She quickly rose from county tax clerk to become Pittsburgh’s first female mayor after Richard Caliguiri died, taking office in May 1988 and serving until 1994.

Early Life and Education

Sophie Masloff was born to Romanian Jewish parents in Chicago’s Hill District. Her father worked in insurance sales; and as she lived in a tenement and spoke only Yiddish until starting elementary school, Sophie spoke only Yiddish until entering Fifth Avenue High School and eventually becoming county tax clerk for three decades.

At first it seemed she would simply fill Richard Caliguiri’s remaining term before running again for election and winning an unprecedented four-year term as mayor.

During her term as mayor, she made headlines for cutting the city’s reviled wage tax twice and prodding banks to channel more funds directly into neighborhoods. Additionally, she advocated for a new stadium for both teams; her vision came true eight years later with PNC Park opening its doors.

Professional Career

Masloff had long been active within the Democratic Party and civil service, working her way up from clerk to secretary to city council president before she eventually being appointed mayor of Pittsburgh at 70 years old – becoming both woman and Jew to hold that office simultaneously!

She gained a reputation as a soothing grandmother figure who comforted the city during times of violence and economic strain. Unlike most members of city council, she generally avoided public attention or grandstanding for personal gain.

During her one-term reign, she non-profitized the Pittsburgh Zoo and Phipps Conservatory to lessen taxpayer burden; twice cut city wage tax rates; and persuaded banks to channel more loans into struggling neighborhoods. She was known for her sharp sense of humor – once hanging up on presidential candidate because she mistook him for an unknown caller!

Achievement and Honors

After graduating high school, Masloff spent four decades working as a secretary and clerk in Allegheny County government. Elected to Pittsburgh City Council in 1976 and becoming council president due to Richard S. Caliguiri’s death of blood disorder; according to tradition this served as an intermediate step into becoming mayor; she held this office until 1993.

She became the first Jewish female mayor of Pittsburgh during her single term in office and prioritizing fiscal responsibility by privatizing several costly city assets such as the Pittsburgh Zoo, Phipps Conservatory and Schenley Park golf course.

Squirrel Hill street in Pittsburgh was named in her memory and she received numerous civic awards during her life. She is survived by her daughter, grandson, and great-granddaughter.

Personal Life

On May 6, 1988, when Masloff assumed the mayor’s office from Council President Richard Caliguiri, she felt slightly anxious. However, her anxiety quickly subsided once she saw that the police force, whom she had called upon repeatedly for support prior to assuming office, were already present and ready for action.

She pushed Pittsburgh’s tax-exempt hospitals for more funds, battled to keep Pittsburgh competitive amidst an increasingly uncompetitive industrial economy, and pressured banks to channel more loans into crime-ridden neighborhoods. Her unpretentious grandmotherly manner and short stature earned her immense popular adoration throughout Pittsburgh.

Sophie Masloff Way near PNC Park was named in her honor following her untimely passing at 96 on August 17th of natural causes on that date. She left behind one daughter and seven grand- and great-grandchildren as survivors.

Net Worth

Masloff epitomized the American dream. Born to Romanian Jewish immigrants, she started out her career as a civil servant before working her way up through politics – eventually becoming Pittsburgh’s first female mayor and first Jew in history. Under her watch she successfully non-profitized the Pittsburgh Zoo, National Aviary and Phipps Conservatory to ease taxpayer burden, twice reduced wage taxes twice more and spearheaded creation of Allegheny Regional Asset District grants for distressed communities.

Sophie Masloff was born in Pittsburgh, United States on December 23, 1917. Learn about Sophie Masloff’s net worth, height, weight, family relationships, affairs, car ownership, salary and age in 2023.

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