Jack Skinner

Jack Skinner – A Memorable Professor

Jack insisted that students master an array of reading and lecture material. If any question became overwhelming for a student in his classes, Jack often told them “go ask Jack”.

He came from a long line of canal workers – his Monk dynasty ancestors had long built and plyed narrowboats along Britain’s canals. He helped save Oxford canal from closure by transitioning it from industrial waterway to recreational resource.

Early Life and Education

Skinner was an accomplished writer. His works appeared in numerous publications and novels; they were highly-acclaimed and received widespread acclaim. Furthermore, he was also an active activist and political figure.

He was active in the Union of Post Office Workers and served on a committee helping release prisoners detained as part of the Meerut Conspiracy Case, activities that brought Special Branch’s notice.

In his later years, he focused on teaching and revitalizing Skinner’s works. He played an essential role in founding ABAI’s Verbal Behavior Special Interest Group as well as this journal; his wisdom and knowledge made an indelible mark on this field; solving complex problems quickly was his forte.

Professional Career

Jack Michael saw his work as teaching, and that was always at the core of his long career. His students benefited immensely from learning from him without feeling pressured into adopting any particular viewpoints; rather, his goal was to present behavioral analysis fundamentals clearly and concisely.

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Achievement and Honors

Professor Skinner was an exceptional professor, working tirelessly to establish the drama program at ULethbridge and providing invaluable advice and mentoring services for his students. He was a committed member of his community whose commitment to education earned him various accolades and awards.

Jack spearheaded two major fundraising drives during his time at Wesleyan, helping shape its mission statement and development of two major fundraising drives for the university. Additionally, both Jack and Mary Sue have been passionate supporters of Wesleyan; participating in alumni activities as well as serving on committees.

Jack enjoys reading and gardening in his free time, is an avid baseball fan, and involved in local youth sports programs. Together with Nancy he was honored as 2014 Citizen of the Year by the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce; they became only husband-wife duo ever given this honor in its 65 year history!

Personal Life

Jack Skinner had long resided in Blue Springs, Missouri. A member of Grain Valley Community Center, he enjoyed bridge, dominoes and pinochle games; was an avid reader; collected railroad memorabilia; enjoyed horse racing and rodeo events; as well as following Chiefs, Royals and Tigers baseball teams.

Tim Skinner of Yorktown was survived by his wife Flo Skinner as well as three of his four children: Tim Skinner from Kansas City, Michelle Felker from Blue Springs and Mark Skinner from Higginsville. Additionally he had 16 grandchildren whom he greatly cherished watching play sports at Yorktown Manor Health Care Center during his later years. Forensic examination revealed he possessed child pornographic material on his computer as well as computer related media devices.

Net Worth

There are various websites online that report celebrity net worths based on speculation and rumor, with their revenue coming from selling per click advertising based on eyeball traffic to their websites. Unfortunately, these sites have no way of knowing exactly how much a celebrity has in the bank or their brokerage accounts and whether they spend lavishly or give money away to charities.

Jack Skinner died at age 107 on May 13, 2022 in Norwood, Maryland from gunshot wounds he received the previous day from being shot by an individual who attempted to serve an arrest warrant against them. He had served for many years as chief of police at Norwood.

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