Jarvis Adams

Jarvis Adams – New Principal at Westlake High School

Jarvis Adams is the new principal at Westlake High School and brings with him over 24 years of experience in education.

Jamar Robinson was an esteemed former principal at Westlake and recently passed away after drowning himself and losing his wife in Puerto Rico. Jamar is represented at Westlake by his son Jamar Jr. who joined as principal later.

Early Life and Education

Jarvis Adams was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to William Adams and Louisa. He attended Pittsburgh’s Second Ward School before later matriculating at Burlington College in New Jersey for higher studies.

Early in his life, he traveled throughout Europe. Additionally, he held multiple patents on inventions.

He also played an active role in U.S. diplomacy, becoming a minister plenipotentiary to Russia in 1809 and taking part in efforts to bring about peace through Russian mediation as well as being involved with negotiations in Ghent, Belgium.

Woodson was a leading scholar of African-American history. In 1915 he established the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH). This initiated an important change to African American education and culture according to Givens.

Professional Career

Jarvis Adams is an education expert with an excellent educational background who now uses his leadership skills as Principal of Westlake High School. After serving four years as Assistant Principal, his knowledge of both classroom and community settings now helps lead his team toward success.

Prior to joining Fulton County Schools, Mr. Thomas spent 16 years at DeKalb County Schools in Georgia as a social studies teacher and coach at both middle school and high school levels. He earned both of his advanced degrees – one from Fayetteville State University’s Bachelor of Science program for Social Studies; as well as two more advanced ones from Mercer University: Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Specialist degree for Educational Leadership.

Achievement and Honors

Jarvis Adams has led Belmont University baseball to four conference championships and two NCAA Tournament berths during his six seasons as head coach, as well as having 29 players drafted by professional baseball organizations during this time.

His players have also earned academic distinction, garnering 30 spots on the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) Commissioner’s Honor Roll at the end of 2021-22 academic year and several players being named All-OVC or even Freshman All-American.

In 2022, Andy Bean led Belmont to their first Ohio Valley Conference Regular Season title and an invitation to the NCAA Tournament. Guy Lipscomb won OVC Player of the Year while Andy Bean claimed OVC Pitcher of the Year honors.

Personal Life

Jarvis Adams lived his life with devotion and service to family, colleagues, friends and the wider community in mind. A true patriot, he championed conservation efforts within American wilderness regions.

He channeled his energies toward providing for the welfare of others, as evidenced by his longstanding efforts to conserve America’s wilderness areas and his ongoing promotion of photography as an art form.

Adams is best remembered as a loving father and husband who demonstrated kindness to all he encountered throughout his life. His kindness extended beyond family relations – his generosity extended far beyond.

He brings with him extensive education-industry experience to Westlake High School as principal, where he applies his knowledge and abilities to honor past leaders while steering it in an forward direction. As principal at Westlake High School, he utilizes these strengths in honoring their legacy while leading it toward its own bright future. He looks forward to helping his students achieve success!

Net Worth

Jarvis Adams is a former college football player turned defensive cornerback coach at Eastern Michigan University. His net worth is estimated to be $30 Million USD in current dollars. Born in Tallahassee, Florida and attended Northwestern University where he played three years accumulating 127 tackles and three interceptions en route to being honored two-times as All-Freshman selection. Before becoming coach he served two years as graduate assistant before being promoted as coach himself; additionally co-owns Under Armour.

John Adams was one of the Founding Fathers and an immensely wealthy individual, according to 24/7 Wall St. He owned two plantations with slave populations residing there and this contributed to a peak net worth estimated by 24/7 Wall St at $239.7 Million dollars at one point.

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