Jaseem Thomas

Jaseem Thomas, 16, Was Shot 8 Times and Died a Week Later

Jaseem Thomas was only 16 when he was shot multiple times on April 27 in the 2200 block of South 67th Street and sustained wounds to both his head and body. Sadly, he died almost one week later on May 1.

“Jaseem’s gift will save and transform lives,” stated Rick Hasz, president of Philadelphia-based Gift of Life Donor Program.

Early Life and Education

Jaseem Thomas was a 16-year-old Philadelphia resident who loved anime and volunteered with LevelUp, a community organization providing services and mentorship for youth in West Philly. Additionally, Jaseem was an older brother to four younger siblings as well as being a role model. Jaseem had plans of getting his driver’s license shortly and planned on working this summer.

On Thursday evening in the 2200 block of South 67th Street in Baltimore City, he was shot multiple times and taken for treatment to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center; unfortunately he passed away Monday afternoon while no arrests have been made in his death.

His mother, Shanae, made the courageous decision to donate his organs so his killers wouldn’t have the last say in his death. His heart, lungs and kidneys will now save five recipients’ lives.

Professional Career

Jaseem Teshawn Thomas, 16, an 11th grader at Philadelphia Learning Academy South was known for his smile and sense of style. He often wore small, twisted locs in his hair and frequently dressed in designer brands such as BAPE, Nike and Dior. Jaseem was an active member of LevelUp; a West Philly youth organization offering services, mentorship opportunities, safe spaces for young people to meet each other and spend their free time.

On his last day alive, Shanae’s son gave the gift of life to five recipients who received his heart, lungs, kidneys and corneas – including two recipients blind due to violence – as well as two corneas that restore sight for two people. For Shanae personally it brought peace and restored her faith in humanity. “He just was being an honorable son that didn’t end violently,” said she.

Achievement and Honors

Jaseem Thomas was an outstanding basketball player for LevelUp in West Philly, an organization which offers services, mentorship and a place for young people to hang out. Additionally, Jaseem was a loving sibling friend to four younger siblings as well as being passionate about his community.

He loved to wear designer clothing such as Nike, Balenciaga and Dior; volunteering at the Food Bank of Philadelphia; fighting violence in his community; after his death his mother donated five recipients his organs; his heart, lungs and kidneys saved lives while two recipients received corneas restored sight through cornea transplants.

Personal Life

Jaseem Thomas was a teenager who enjoyed anime, mathematics and science – as well as being an older brother for younger siblings. A natural on the basketball court, Jaseem belonged to LevelUp West Philly organization providing services and mentoring support for youth.

On April 27, shots were fired along the 2200 block of South 67th Street and Thomas was struck with bullet wounds to both his head and body, which required hospital treatment where doctors informed his mother he had brain-dead status.

She decided to donate his organs, saving five lives with this final act of mercy from his killers and renewing her faith in humanity. It will restore his spirit as it restores hers.

Net Worth

Jaseem Thomas of Philadelphia’s Elmwood Park neighborhood was shot eight times on April 12 and died approximately one week later. His family donated his organs, saving five other lives through The Gift of Life Donor Program’s Rick Hasz who said that it touched him that Thomas’ mother could still think about others during such a challenging time.

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