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Jasmine plant – delicate flowers, bewitching scent and healing properties in one

Many people around the world are enchanted by the natural beauty of jasmine flowers. But that doesn’t mean anything special about Jasmin. Because this plant is not only beautiful, it smells wonderful! The jasmine gives off a bewitching scent that stays in the air for a long time. In addition, its delicate white flowers contain valuable essential oils that are used as basic substances in aromatherapy and cosmetics production. Because of all these pluses of the jasmine plant, we want to put it in the focus of our article today and provide you with important care tips and other useful information about jasmine.

Jasmin Pflanze Fensterbank

A beautiful bouquet of jasmine branches decorates the windowsill and fills the whole room with its great scent

The jasmine is a climbing plant that is widespread in the Far East and is highly valued for its unique beauty and great scent. China and India are considered to be their countries of origin. From there the jasmine was brought to Europe and first made its home in the warm areas on the Mediterranean coast. Nowadays, numerous types of jasmine are also known and loved by us. The so-called real jasmine, for example, can be planted indoors and outdoors. That is why you can often see the jasmine plant in the tub on the balcony or near the terrace, but it can also decorate the interior or thrive outside in the garden.

It actually depends on you exactly where you want to fully enjoy its aroma. But also from your weather conditions! The jasmine likes it light and warm, fresh air is good for him. If you have a jasmine in your own four walls, then it is best to place the plant on the windowsill and open the window often so that fresh air can enter the room. This is how the jasmine unfolds its splendor and gives you its wonderful scent. The two popular jasmine species – Jasminum officinale and Jasminum polyanthum show us their strongly fragrant, white or pale pink flowers from June to September.

Jasmin Pflanze Pflanzkübel

In the planter, the jasmine is a real highlight outside on the terrace

The jasmine has small, mostly white flowers that look very delicate. So you hardly suspect that it is an easy-care and robust plant. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still admire its white flowers at home or in the garden. To do this, you have to water the plant regularly so that the soil remains moist, but there is no waterlogging. For this purpose, you need a well-drained soil, preferably with a drainage layer on the bottom of the pot. Fertilizing is usually done once every two weeks, especially in spring and summer. Only winter jasmine is hardy, the other varieties have to overwinter at home in a well-protected, cool and light place. The best winter temperature is 10 to 15 degrees C.

Jasmin weiße Blüten

This graceful plant is one of the undemanding house plants

About 400 types of jasmine are known. Of these, we have real jasmine and winter jasmine. In the southern areas, the plant thrives outdoors. There she usually climbs the wall or the trellis.

Their white flowers are synonymous with purity, which is why they are considered a symbol of love in the Far East. The delicate but intense scent of jasmine is considered an aphrodisiac. If you want to show that you find him / her adorable and lovable, then give this person a jasmine bouquet. Hopefully she can understand the language of flowers well and will appreciate your gesture.

Natur Jasmin Pflanze

A jasmine bouquet fills the ambience with its bewitching aroma and acts like an aphrodisiac

The strong scent is due to the essential oils contained in the jasmine flowers. Jasmine oil is precious and widely used in aromatherapy. Jasmine has long been said to have an antispasmodic effect and relieve pain of all kinds. Libido and impotence problems can be weakened with the sensual scent of the jasmine flowers. As a massage oil, jasmine also helps with a number of skin diseases and can heal skin inflammation. This alleviates gynecological problems and headaches. This ancient and valuable knowledge about the miracle effect of the jasmine plant is used today in the cosmetics industry, where the essential jasmine oils are successfully used in the manufacture of bath products, fragrance mixtures and massage oils. You can still find soap and many perfumes with a jasmine scent in specialist shops.

Relax Bad Badekosmetik Jasmin

Make yourself comfortable in the bathroom and enjoy total relaxation! With bath cosmetics with jasmine!

Jasmin Blüten Einsatz Kosmetik Aromatherapie

Essential oils from jasmine flowers are widely used in cosmetics and aromatherapy

Jasmin Aroma beruhigender Effekt auf Seele und Körper

Jasmine aroma has a calming effect on the human soul and body.

Jasmin Zimt betörende Duftkombination

Jasmine and cinnamon create a bewitching combination of fragrances

schönes frisches Schlafzimmer Jasmin Pflanze Blumenkorb

Freshen up your bedroom with jasmine and keep in mind it works as an aphrodisiac

Seife Jasmin Duft eine gute Geschenkidee

Soap with a jasmine aroma is always a pleasant surprise

Jasmin Pflanze zu Hause

Jasmine in the planter is a real eye-catcher at home

Kranz Jasmin Zweige Gartenzaun Schmuck

A wreath of jasmine branches decorates the garden fence

Jasmin Pflanze Blüten

Let yourself be pampered with the wonderful scent of the jasmine plant!

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