Javona Glover

Javona Glover, the niece of Rapper and Record Producer T-Pain, was fatally stabbed at a Walgreens on August 30, 2016

Javona Glover, 23, was fatally stabbed at a Walgreens in Tallahassee and T-Pain urged his followers on Twitter to help find her killer.

Police reported searching the area for months until 25-year-old Tavon Jackson – believed to be Glover’s former flame – was found deceased nearby in a wooded area.

Early Life and Education

Javona Glover was found dead Tuesday, August 30, 2016, while working at Walgreens near Tennessee and Ocala in Lakeland, Florida. Tavon Jackson is believed to be her ex-partner and has an arrest warrant issued against him by authorities. Grammy Award-winning rapper and record producer T-Pain issued an appeal via social media seeking help in identifying this individual.

Jennifer Battles always knew Glover was in an unhealthy relationship. Though Glover attempted several times to leave Jackson behind, their mutual desire for having children brought him back into her life and brought their separation closer together again.

Her family is now filing a wrongful death suit against the store where she worked, alleging employees failed to intervene quickly enough and took too long before calling 911. Their goal is to secure financial compensation for funeral costs and lost wages as part of this wrongful death action.

Professional Career

Rapper and record producer T-Pain was shocked when his niece Javona Glover, 23, was fatally stabbed outside a Walgreens drugstore in Florida on August 30. Police responded and discovered her bleeding heavily from several stab wounds; medical care was administered but she died shortly thereafter.

Police believe Tavon Jackson, Glover’s former flame and father of her 2-year-old daughter, committed the killing. Jackson had just completed serving time for robbery when he killed Glover.

T-Pain appealed to his followers to help locate and catch the “coward ass n***a” who killed his niece at Walgreens on West Tennessee and Ocala in Tallahassee. On his verified Twitter account, T-Pain wrote: “Police are actively searching for the person or individuals responsible. If anyone has information please assist.”

Achievement and Honors

Javona Glover was 23 years old and attended Tallahassee Community College. Tavon Jackson (25), her former flame and father of her 2-year-old daughter is being hunted down as suspected in her killing.

Jennifer Battles, Glover’s mother, reported that Jackson “treated her nicely at first but then became abusive”. Additionally, Jackson is suspected of attacking a neighbor and two further killings; Tallahassee police and U.S. Marshals are currently searching for him.

Personal Life

T-Pain has taken action in response to Javona Glover’s death at Walgreens in Tallahassee, Florida on August 30. Her 23-year-old niece had just given birth two months earlier when she was brutally stabbed by two individuals who have yet to be caught and charged. T-Pain issued an urgent call for assistance from his fans following this tragedy.

Jennifer Battles believes her daughter had always chosen an inappropriate partner; when she attempted to part ways with Jackson he kept calling and showing up at both her apartment and house that they shared together. Jennifer says her daughter tried several times to break off their relationship but couldn’t as he kept calling and coming over repeatedly.

Walgreens has been sued by Tavon’s family, alleging they should have implemented security and workplace violence plans before his death. Tavon Jackson, believed to be his assailant, has since been found dead near Walgreens – with early indications pointing toward suicide according to reports by TMZ.

Net Worth

Monique Glover, T-Pain’s wife, boasts an astounding net worth of $35 Million thanks to his booming music career. An ocean lover from East coast USA with an affinity for romance.

Jackson and Ja’Nya share a 2-year-old daughter named Ja’Nya. Despite this, their relationship has been turbulent; Ja’Nya even tried to break off with Jackson but they have ultimately reconciled after much struggle and coaxing from Ja’Nya herself.

T-Pain’s niece Javona Glover was fatally stabbed by her boyfriend at the Walgreens store where she worked in August 2016. Her family filed a wrongful death suit alleging that employees failed to intervene during a loud and heated argument between the pair as well as delay calling 911, with compensation sought for lost wages, future earnings and funeral costs.

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