Jennifer Oliva

Jennifer Oliva is a Rising Star in Media Relations

She has covered several high-profile events and conducted interviews with notable figures, while producing content for top news outlets such as TODAY show, NBC, Fox News and Bloomberg.

She holds a masters degree from Oxford University and graduated with honors from Georgetown Law School, where she served as both Public Interest Law Scholar and Executive Notes & Comments Editor of its Law Journal.

Early Life and Education

Jennifer hails from Santa Ana, one of California’s most densely-populated Latinx cities. Raised by immigrants herself, she was encouraged by them to pursue an education for upward mobility; graduating with her Bachelor’s in Organizational Communication and Public Relations from Orange Coast College before enrolling at Cal State LA to receive her Master of Communication Studies degree.

An honors graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and former Public Interest Law Scholar as well as Executive Notes and Comments Editor of its Law Journal, she currently serves as Senior Scholar in O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown Law. Additionally, she serves on Science & Policy Advisory Councils at National Pain Advocacy Center as Science & Policy Advisory Councils are.

She joined the Petrie-Flom Center as a Visiting Scholar in Spring 2019, and recently was honored by the Association of American Law Schools as a Bellow Scholar, honoring those whose scholarship contributes to social justice while improving legal education quality.

Professional Career

Jen Oliva’s holistic approach to media relations is an invaluable asset for her clients. Drawing upon extensive industry expertise and her personalized client care model, she forms organic yet welcoming relationships with media outlets that lead to compelling coverage and business expansion.

At Seton Hall University School of Law, she serves as Associate Dean for Faculty Research & Development and Director of the Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law; in 2021, she won the Paula Franzese Excellence in Teaching Award as well as becoming Professor. In this capacity, she specializes in health law, FDA law, drug policy, privacy issues and evidence.

She has produced extensive coverage of world and national news events, American Presidential and Congressional campaigns, as well as high profile interviews with Presidents South Korea and Jordan as well as high profile individuals like the President and King.

Achievement and Honors

Oliva is not only a brilliant law professor; she’s an engaged community activist. She has brought her legal and political knowledge to groups fighting for racial justice and harm reduction such as Abolish the Drug War Coalition in New Jersey and multiethnic groups working towards ending disparities in drug sentencing.

She has published numerous scholarly articles in leading law journals and served as a visiting research scholar at the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology and Bioethics. Additionally, she holds an honors graduate certificate from Georgetown University Law Center where she served as both Public Interest Law Scholar and Executive Notes & Comments Editor of Georgetown Law Journal; additionally she was elected both a Rhodes and Truman Scholar while at USMA West Point.

Personal Life

Oliva lives in Phoenix with her husband and daughter. She operates JoArtistry salon as well as being a freelance makeup artist and licensed esthetician, while advocating on their behalf through Innocence Network board membership. Oliva holds an honors degree from Georgetown University Law Center (where she served as Public Interest Law Scholar as well as Executive Notes & Comments Editor for Georgetown Law Journal), Rhodes Scholar status from United States Military Academy Cadet Academy as a Rhodes and Truman Scholar and executive Notes & Comments Editor of Georgetown Law Journal).

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Net Worth

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