Jet action: First German BRP power sports center

Jet action: presentation of the Can-Am brand on 400 m2With ‘Jet-Action’ in Neukirchen Vluyn, Sandro Colakovic hasn’t just been on the road since yesterday – he’s been in the business for around 20 years now. And quite successfully: Jet-Action is one of the few dealers in Germany to offer jet boats from the Canadian manufacturer in addition to ATVs, quads, side-x-sides and Spyder roadsters from Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP); while the former are sold under the ‘Can-Am’ brand, the jet boats carry the ‘Sea Doo’ label.

Jet Action: In addition to Sea-Doo jet boats, offers the opportunity to try them out

“Great confirmation for our work”

To support this, BRP recently ennobled the up-and-coming authorized dealer in Neukirchen Vluyn as the ‘BRP Powersport Center’, and it was the first dealer in Germany. Sandro Colakovic is enthusiastic: “A great confirmation of our work – and a huge opportunity.” Finally, the shop was extensively redesigned and is now styled in BRP-CI and also widely recognizable as an official part of the large BRP group. “The customers think it’s good,” says Sandro.

Jet action: in addition to Can-Am ATVs and SeaDoo jet boats, the program also includes Can-Am Spyder Roadsters

Presentation on 400 m2

On a presentation area of ​​around 400 m2, in addition to comprehensive service ranging from advice on financing offers and insurance to electronic fault diagnosis with a direct connection to the factory, it even offers the opportunity to test Sea-Doos, namely on the Meuse in neighboring Holland.

Jet action in Neukirchen Vluyn: presents Can-Am vehicles and Sea-Doo jet boats as the first German BRP Powersports Center

Special item Can-Am Outlander 800 Xxc

What ATV customers are sure to love as well as the BRP-CI are the lot-buy specials that Jet-Action does occasionally. The dealer is currently offering a Can-Am Outlander 800 Xxc, model 2011, including LoF approval and a 4-year factory guarantee at a special price of 12,990 euros – the official retail price for the noble Renegade used to be 17,990 euros (with the winter package). But if you still want to have such a vehicle, you have to hurry: the lot is already almost sold out.

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