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Jim Cantore Salary

Jim Cantore has long been one of the leading meteorologists at The Weather Channel, reporting on severe climate events for over thirty years. Known for his open portrayal of such disasters and an impressive following on social media platforms.

He shares two children with Tamra Cantore, his ex-wife, and is a US national. In addition to that, he has contributed research for Parkinson’s and Fragile X syndrome research projects.

Early Life and Education

Jim Cantore has been one of the nation’s premier weather reporters for more than 34 years, becoming one of the most admired meteorologists in America. Additionally, Jim contributes to various charitable programs and has collaborated with Make-a-Wish as part of his duties at WeatherBug News Network and served on celebrity cabinet member of American Red Cross.

He has two children, Christina and Ben, both with Fragile X Syndrome. Since 1990 he has been married to Tamra Zinn whom he met while working at TWC channel.

An accomplished meteorologist known for providing live reports from disaster sites. Over his career he has earned multiple accolades including the AMS Television Seal of Approval and NOAA-David S. Johnson Award.

Professional Career

Jim Cantore is an on-camera meteorologist for the Weather Channel. After graduating Lyndon State College with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology, his professional meteorological reporting career quickly began after graduation and continues today – reporting on major weather events like Gustav, Isabel, Floyd Rita Katrina as well as Winter X Games and PGA tournaments.

Jim Cantore is currently dating American meteorologist Alexandra Steele; however, he does not discuss their personal life publicly.

Jim Cantore was married for 20 years to Tamra Cantore until their divorce in 2009. Jim’s former spouse suffers from Parkinson’s disease, while his children have Fragile X syndrome – and both conditions require charitable efforts from Jim, such as supporting FRAXA and Parkinson’s Unity Walk events.

Achievement and Honors

Jim Cantore’s meteorological career dates back to 1986 when he joined The Weather Channel. Since then, he has amassed considerable wealth through television. A frequent guest on such popular news programs as TODAY and Nightly News for NBC as well as Hurricane and Tornado coverage are just two areas in which Cantore excels.

He has received many honors, such as the NOAA-David S Johnson Award. Additionally, he appeared in a Weather Channel ‘ItsAmazingOutThere’ video which went viral with over two million views on YouTube.

His two children both suffer from Fragile X syndrome. As part of his charitable work for both diseases as well as Parkinson’s Unity Walk and Make-a-Wish Foundation events, he serves on celebrity cabinet of American Red Cross.

Personal Life

He is widely recognized for his on-air reporting during natural disasters such as hurricanes. Additionally, he covers other events like PGA tournaments and NFL games as part of his duties at American Meteorological Society membership.

Jim Cantore was married to Tamra Zinn from 1990 until their divorce in 2007. Together, they had two children – a son and daughter – both diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome, an inherited genetic condition passed from mother to children.

He remains tight-lipped regarding his personal life and does not disclose any information regarding his family. However, he is known to be involved with charities and social works across the country, such as being part of Make A Wish Foundation activities across the nation.

Net Worth

Jim Cantore’s long and distinguished meteorological career has cemented him a place among the elite. His live coverage of severe weather events earned him immense renown; such work earned him membership in the American Meteorological Society.

He is well-known for his ability to translate complex meteorological concepts into language that can be understood by any viewer, and live reporting from various natural disasters like Hurricane Ike, Gustav, Katrina Isabel and Rita has received enthusiastic audiences applause.

He is a single father with two children – Christina is 30 and Ben 28 – whom he regularly posts photos and updates about on social media. Additionally, he’s involved with Make a Wish Foundation as an active member as well as various philanthropic initiatives.

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