John Amundson

A Snapshot of John Amundson

John Amundson’s life was chronicled in the 1940 United States census. At that time, he was 14 years old and lived with his parents, three brothers, and sister.

He then relocated to Worth county, Iowa and lived on a farm for 10 years. During this time he completed his country school education.

Early Life and Education

John Amundson was born to William and Emma Amundson in Baraboo, Wisconsin. He spent his early years on a farm in Worth county, Iowa where he often walked five miles to attend country school.

He later relocated to Freeborn county, Minnesota and attended country school there. In 1876 he married Vesper Kensinger and together they had nine children.

Jon had a deep-seated passion for woodworking and restoring antique tractors, which he enjoyed discussing with anyone he encountered over a cup of coffee.

His survivors include his wife Nyla; sons Troy and James; daughters Tracy Loughrie and Tricia Berryman; grandchildren Colin, Connor, Abigail, Jacob, Parker and Sophia; brother Galen; sister Orland; as well as numerous special nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his parents and brothers.

Professional Career

John Amundson is a professional counselor with extensive experience working with children, adolescents and adults. His areas of specialty include depression, anxiety, relationship problems, self-esteem issues, parenting and trauma/PTSD.

He works seven days a week, making himself accessible to his clients and equipping them with the knowledge to make informed decisions that fit their individual needs. With his natural enthusiasm and enthusiasm for what he does, clients always feel at ease, informed, and excited about their decisions.

He possesses an expert understanding of the law and isn’t afraid to take on a challenge. For example, when taking on a breach of contract case against a major firm, his hard work, perseverance, and meticulous attention to details paid off with an impressive verdict for his client – proof that hard work, persistence, and attention to details will ultimately yield great outcomes.

Achievements and Honors

Amundsen was raised in a Norwegian maritime family and read books about Sir John Franklin’s Arctic expeditions (Franklin 1823, 1828). This ignited his lifelong interest in polar exploration which would ultimately lead him into this field of research.

In 1897, after serving as first mate in the merchant marine, Amundsen was recruited to serve as first mate on board the Belgica during Belgium’s Antarctic Expedition. While aboard, he developed an interest in terrestrial magnetism and worked to devise an efficient measurement method.

Amundsen purchased the 47-ton sloop Gjoa and embarked on his first ice voyage in June 1903. During this first ice voyage, he discovered the North Magnetic Pole by sledge. Additionally, he made significant advances in oceanography and palaeontology during this voyage.

Personal Life

John Amundson was renowned for his passion for music and belief in the strength of community. He dedicated much of his career to mentoring young musicians, encouraging them to reach their artistic potentials while cultivating life-long friendships.

He found great pleasure in kayaking, camping and cruise ship trips with his partner Carol Shell. Additionally, he was an accomplished mountaineer who summited both Mount St. Helens and Rainier.

He was proud of his Norwegian heritage and enjoyed eating lutefisk, speaking the language, and learning more about the Arctic. A member of both Seattle Kayak Club and Polar Bear Canoe Club, he explored this region on foot.

Net Worth

Amundson boasts a net worth of $5 million and has been in the NBA for 10 seasons. Though he may be considered an underrated player in the league, Amundson has proven to be an invaluable addition for the Cleveland Cavaliers; sources indicate he will begin training with them this week.

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