John Angeline

John Angeline

John Angeline is a well-known figure in the education field. Currently, he serves as Advisor for South Plainfield School District.

John Angeline has an estimated net worth of $20 million. To learn more about John’s background, education, career and personal life, read this article.

Early Life and Education

John Angeline was born on June 12, 1930 and passed away November 23rd 2012 at 82 years old. He is interred at Brig. Gen. Wm C Doyle Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Wrightstown, NJ.

Family members recall him as an adoring and caring individual who lived a life full of happiness. He was an exemplary father, husband and grandfather who always found time to help those in need.

He was an accomplished storyteller, passionate about sharing tales. He served as a great mentor and teacher to children, as well as being an active advocate for children’s rights and education. A beloved member of his community, he will be greatly missed. Survived by his wife Mary of 58 years, three daughters, and five grandchildren; these memories will live on forever in our hearts.

Professional Career

Angeline has dedicated her professional career to interior design. She takes great pleasure in helping clients create spaces that reflect their lifestyle and aesthetic.

She also has a background in social media marketing, having served as a manager for brands and companies alike.

Her skills and expertise in the social media realm have allowed her to build an impressive following on Instagram. When not managing accounts for AGD, you can find her enjoying a cup of coffee with her husband John and Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix, Dottie.

Prosecutors asserted that Angeline was criminally liable for the death of Soon Yang, who was run over and killed by Angeline at a Flying K gas station in Mossyrock on April 6, 2009. They claimed his actions caused him to enter an “advanced state of psychosis” due to his failure to take medication prescribed by doctors.

Achievements and Honors

John angeline achieved great things in music, education and social activism throughout his lifetime. A gifted singer, he sang at numerous venues worldwide – including The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

He received numerous honors for his work, being a member of both the New York Academy of Sciences and American Chemical Society. Furthermore, he earned a Ph.D. in Art History from City University of New York.

He was honored with numerous awards throughout his life, including a lifetime achievement award from the American Library Association (ALA) for his writing. Additionally, the American Meteorological Society recognized him for his groundbreaking work in ocean and atmosphere science; one of the first to integrate observations, models and theory to explain variability and change in these two domains.

Personal Life

John Angeline is a successful businessman and an active member in his community. He donates both time and money to numerous organizations, with an emphasis on education.

He and his wife are deeply invested in their children, taking pleasure in spending quality time as a family unit. Additionally, they love traveling and entertaining guests at home.

In addition to his professional duties, he has made it a priority to financially support family and friends. He believes that the best way to give back is by contributing towards their wellbeing and education.

He is an inspiring example of how to be successful while still having a personal life. His wife and children are close, with four children living together in close quarters.

Net Worth

Angeline Ball is a renowned Irish actress best known for penning the music to Over the Rainbow and performing Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” in My Girl 2. She has also featured on numerous television shows throughout her career.

She has also starred in films. Additionally, she has earned a fortune through endorsements of various brands and films.

Her movies range from Maleficent and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, to Wanted, The Tourist, Salt and more.

She has produced several films and is an accomplished businesswoman, estimated to have a net worth of $120 million as of February 2023.

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