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Anthropology is a branch of social science that studies human societies. It’s an interdisciplinary field research discipline with specialized focus on certain cultures or groups of people.

In the 19th century, anthropologists conducted fieldwork in many countries to serve colonial governments or gain insight into cultural differences among peoples living under various conditions. Functionalist anthropologists sought to explain culture growth and development by closely studying people’s daily activities.

Early Life and Education

John Anthrop was born in Rockville, Maryland on October 28th 1881 to Lucy Cooper and James Cooper.

His mother had a deep faith and always desired for her son to become an excellent Christian. She taught him how to play the piano and read from various books with devotion.

He graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in history and master’s in social sciences.

His academic career encompassed a wide range of subjects, such as social anthropology and education. He published numerous papers and was involved in numerous research projects.

Professional Career

Anthrop has been a part of the Boilermakers program since his redshirt freshman season. He earned an Academic All-Big Ten selection and has started 13 games for them.

He was one of the Boilermakers’ top receivers in 2014, hauling in 38 receptions for 616 yards and scoring four times. Unfortunately, he tore his ACL in November and missed most of 2015 season due to it.

Anthrop made a strong comeback in 2021 and earned third-team All-Big Ten honors. As an experienced veteran, he brings leadership qualities as well as practical expertise to the position.

After graduating from Purdue in December, Anthrop has since begun working as a graduate assistant for St. John’s, where he assesses opponents for analytical purposes, game planning and personnel edits. Furthermore, he serves as head of video advanced scouting for the team.

Achievements and Honors

He received numerous honors, including a top-five national ranking for his palaeontological contributions and appointment to the esteemed faculty of anthropology department. Furthermore, his engaging teaching style that made students laugh out loud made him the envy of his colleagues.

The best part was sharing his many accomplishments with Anne, his wife of 40 years. Their joint philanthropic activities have had a lasting effect on many lives and will continue to do so. As proud parents to two children – a boy and girl – they remain passionate sports fans as well as passionate supporters of both the Boilermakers and university alike. They will always cherish their time spent together fondly.

Personal Life

John Anthrop is a former Purdue basketball and baseball player, which included his participation on their 1980 Final Four team.

For years, the Anthrop family has been an integral part of Purdue’s basketball and wide receiver programs. Additionally, their son plays wide receiver for Purdue while two brothers compete on their basketball team.

In this episode, Jana Anthrop (aka Mama Anthrop) and her four sons discuss growing up with Purdue University just a short drive away in West Lafayette. They recall attending away games as students while balancing studies and athletics; additionally, they reminisce about what the Purdue community and Boilermaker spirit have meant to them throughout the years.

Net Worth

John Anthrop has an estimated net worth of $4 million. He is an American football player for Purdue University as a wide beneficiary, and he has an Instagram account with 5.8k followers. Anthrop has been dating Iryna Topchyi, though they have yet to publicly discuss their relationship on social media platforms. Anthrop is passionate about sports and loves his family – he has two children named Dru and Jade.

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