John Beilman

John Beilman, 71, Kills His Disabled Daughter

Nicole in October 2017

In October 2017, John Beilman murdered his severely disabled daughter Nicole, then committed suicide by shooting himself in their Fairport home on Williamsburg Drive. Police say that Nicole had Rett syndrome and was confined to a wheelchair.

The day before the murder-suicide, FBI agents executed a search warrant at the home. According to sources, they were investigating a company that specializes in military communications systems for the US government.

Early Life and Education

John Beilman was born in Buffalo, New York on August 8, 1920. He is the son of Walter George and Anna Gertrude (Farrell) Beilman.

He is a graduate of the University of Buffalo, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in physics. He also holds a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering from the University of Minnesota.

As a violinist, he has won numerous awards and accolades including a Borletti-Buitoni Trust Fellowship, an Avery Fisher Career Grant and London Music Masters Award. He has an exclusive recording contract with Warner Classics and released his first disc Spectrum for the label in 2016, featuring works by Stravinsky, Janacek and Schubert.

In addition to his professional activities, he is also an Army officer and serves in the reserves. He is a recipient of the Distinguished Military Service Medal and the United States Air Force Meritorious Service Medal.

Professional Career

A renowned researcher and general surgeon, Dr. Beilman is also a senior vice president of acute operations at M Health Fairview.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School, he has been in practice for over 20 years. His main area of expertise is critical care.

He is the author of a book on medical education and a regular writer for a local health magazine, and he has also been involved in several community service projects. One of his most notable contributions was his involvement in coordinating M Health Fairview’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He was also a key player in the creation of the Minnesota Medical Association’s emergency response team. It was a challenging task, but he credits the state’s leadership for a successful response.

Achievements and Honors

In a career that spanned nearly five decades, John Leon Beilman of Buffalo has no shortage of accomplishments to brag about. He is best known for his contributions to aeronautical science, but he also has a slew of awards to boast about from the likes of the Army and the Air Force. He was the recipient of a coveted Air Force Flight Research Laboratory award for developing the X-22A V/STOL research aircraft and his contributions to radar technology were noteworthy.

He was also one of the first pilots to ever receive a military commendation for his achievements. He is a devoted family man who is a proud grandfather, father and a great uncle to two daughters. Despite his hectic schedule he still found the time to give back by serving on several community boards, including the City of Buffalo Economic Development Commission and the Buffalo State College Foundation. He is a big fan of the Buffalo Public Library, where he has spent many an evening reading the latest fiction titles and checking out the local library’s vast collection of literature.

Personal Life

During the early morning hours of 4 October 2017, John Beilman killed his severely disabled daughter Nicole, who had been confined to a wheelchair all her life, before shooting himself in their Fairport home’s back yard. Police say that his wife, Donna, was inside the house at the time but she did not hear any of the shots.

Following the raid on Beilman’s home, some conspiracy theorists were quick to link his death with the Las Vegas massacre, claiming that he had been a “key witness” to the tragedy and that he was “wanted for questioning.” But there is no evidence of any connection between these two events.

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