John Bruckner 

John Bruckner

John Bruckner is President of National Grid New York, overseeing all regulated businesses that supply electricity to customers in upstate NY and natural gas to those across the state. With over three decades of expertise in the energy industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his role.

At the age of eleven, Bruckner began his formal musical training by being accepted to St Florian Abbey in Linz and taking lessons from Schlager and Zenetti – marking the beginning of his lifelong passion for music. This experience would shape him as an artist throughout all phases of life.

Early Life and Education

John Bruckner was born in Ansfelden, Austria to Anton, a schoolmaster, and Therese Helm. As the first child of their union, John became famous for his ability to sing beautifully.

After his father’s passing, he was sent to the Augustinian Monastery of Sankt Florian where he quickly earned a reputation as an accomplished organist and musician. While studying music theory, harmony, and organ with Johann Baptist, he developed into an accomplished musician.

He was then taught the craft of form and orchestration by Otto Kitzler, alongside learning about some of history’s great composers such as Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner.

After years of intense study and self-imposed training, he had come to realize his ambition was to be a composer. His works reflect this discovery; today his symphonies are considered among the finest works in symphonic history.

Professional Career

John Bruckner is a renowned musician who has composed numerous symphonies and other works. His specialty lies in writing music for churches; he composed a Te Deum, settings of Psalms, Helgoland, Masses and other sacred compositions.

He composed numerous chamber works and a string quintet. Additionally, he is renowned for his devotion to Roman Catholicism.

At the age of 17, Bruckner began studying music theory with Simon Sechter at the Vienna Conservatory, learning harmony and counterpoint from him. Subsequently, he joined the faculty at the University of Vienna.

Achievements and Honors

Bruckner was raised in the village of Ansfelden, Germany within a religious family. As a boy, his studies were dedicated to becoming an educator; consequently, he began playing the organ at an early age.

He pursued his study of the instrument, eventually earning a degree in organ performance from Linz University. Subsequently, he became a teacher and organist in St. Florian, Austria – where he produced an impressive body of music.

Bruckner’s first symphony was composed in 1866, yet it took him some time to establish himself as a major composer. While heavily influenced by Beethoven, there are clear indications that this music is uniquely Bruckner. Even his Second Symphony from 1866 remains distinct today.

Personal Life

Bruckner was born in 1824 to a poor family and ultimately followed his father into the music ministry. After studying organ and theory, he took up violin and piano lessons, eventually becoming an acclaimed organist.

He remained at St Florian for a decade, teaching and creating many of his most significant works. His friendship with Franz Sailer – whom he would later dedicate his ‘Requiem in D minor’ to – and studies with Otto Kitzler both contributed to the development of his style.

He began writing seriously in 1861, after seeing Wagner’s Tannhauser performed at a concert. This performance profoundly affected him and inspired him to pursue composition full time. His early works were mostly religious choral and organ music but over time his style evolved into more modern orchestral forms of Viennese classical music.

Net Worth

John Bruckner’s net worth is estimated to be between $25-34K. His primary sources of income come from his work as a film director and writer; this profession he has been engaged in for over 25 years now.

He has extensive experience as both a film director and screenwriter, as well as an actor. His credits include Venom and Dreamland, plus appearances on television shows like 24 and Alias.

He is the host of Ocean Safe with Bruckner Chase, a program produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as an ocean and beach educational safety series. Additionally, he has extensive environmental experience as both an advocate and swimmer; in fact, he and his wife Michelle Evans-Chase founded Ocean City Swim Club together!

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