John Brunelle

John Brunelle – A Celebrity Profile

John brunelle has long been a driving force in downtown Boise’s economic development efforts. With his latest appointment as executive director of CCDC, he now holds an even more significant role in helping to expand the city’s economy.

He is renowned for his work as a videographer, creating videos depicting bicycle stunts and races which have been featured on many bike forums. Additionally, he serves on the board of directors of the Bicycle Film Festival and enjoys cycling extensively.

Early Life and Education

Brunelle was a two-year starter on the varsity basketball court and an avid golfer and sailor in his free time. Additionally, he served on the faculty at Colorado Christian University as Supervisor of Student-Teachers, Director of Secondary Education, and Dean of the School of Education.

Brunelle’s remarkable accomplishment was the invention of the pioneering computer assisted learning (CAL) system. This allowed students to complete their core curriculum requirements online with minimal distraction, yielding measurable results. Later implemented across all CCU campuses, CAL has been credited with increasing academic achievement by nearly 10% – becoming a model for other schools and institutions across America as well as inspiring CCU’s upcoming eLearning initiative.

Professional Career

John Brunelle has been a professional athlete in the National Football League (NFL) for over 25 years. He earned his stripes playing college football at the University of Washington and was selected by Green Bay Packers in the fifth round of the 1993 NFL Draft.

After two seasons, he was traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars. As a starter, he helped establish their first winning record and postseason appearances, leading them to their first division title in 1999 and second AFC Championship Game appearances.

He has been an integral member of Boise’s economic development team since 2013, serving as executive director. Under his direction, investments have been made in downtown’s built environment through partnerships with local, regional and national developers to foster a thriving business community and enhance the urban environment.

Achievements and Honors

Brunelle is the founder and artistic director of VocalEssence, an organization dedicated to furthering choral arts education. Since 1969 he has directed over 250 world premieres and been honored with six ASCAP/Chorus America Adventurous Programming Awards for his daring approach in connecting audiences and artists alike.

He is an honorary member of both the Kodaly Society in Hungary and Royal Norwegian Order of Merit; he also received recognition from Mexico’s government with the Ohti Recognition Award, Michael Korn Founder’s Award for Development of Professional Choral Art (Chorus America’s highest lifetime achievement award), and American Composers Forum’s “Champion of New Music” list.

He has held positions of leadership on the Minnesota State Arts Board, National Council on the Arts and International Federation for Choral Music as its president. Furthermore, he spent 18 years serving on Chorus America’s Board of Directors.

Personal Life

Brunelle is renowned for his dedication to his family, and is beloved by his children. Additionally, he is an accomplished musician with a wide range of musical abilities.

He is a member of VocalEssence and has earned numerous awards for his accomplishments in this area. Additionally, he has enjoyed great success in business pursuits.

He enjoys spending quality time with his wife. Additionally, he enjoys listening to music and playing the piano.

He is an accomplished writer and poet, having published multiple books. Additionally, he has won numerous awards for his works of fiction. A veteran of the US Air Force, his sense of humor and loyalty make him a great friend to many.

Net Worth

John Brunelle is a well-known personality in the entertainment industry with an estimated net worth of $700 thousand dollars.

He is a well-known figure from the television series Mountain Monsters and has earned a substantial amount of money from it, particularly through his role as Huckleberry Joseph Lott.

The show follows a team of hunters and trappers as they search for wild creatures in the Appalachian Mountains. Additionally, they are responsible for capturing these prey items to protect them from predators.

His estimated net worth as of September 20, 2021 is $342 Thousand dollars. Additionally, he serves as an Independent Director for Berkshire Hills Bancorp.

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