John Bushart

John Bushart

In his earliest years, john bushart grew up with a keen appreciation of oratory and statesmanship. He was also a very intelligent man.

He was the Superintendent in charge of the Moultrie County Poor Farm, an office that allowed him to demonstrate his kindness and tenderness toward people. He filled this position to the full satisfaction of the community.

Early Life and Education

John Bushart was born November 15, 1822, in Perry County, Ohio. He was the oldest of three children born to Jacob and Magdalena (Croomrine) Bushart, both natives of Pennsylvania. Upon moving to Ohio, John spent most of his early life on the family farm, acquiring an excellent education while doing so. He eventually married the beautiful Catherine Patterson, a daughter of Alexander Patterson, and moved to Fairfield County, Ohio, where they resided for many years. They later removed to Moultrie County, where they erected one of the most elegant and comfortable homes in Bethany. He was also a notable local politician, and has long been a member of the Christian Church. He is a man of the highest character and an avid sportsman. He has been a proud supporter of the Moultrie College, and is a well-known citizen in his community.

Professional Career

A Thousand Oaks High graduate, Bushart pitched for Northridge last spring before being called up to the Cape Cod Baseball League. He is one of only three area players who have competed in the league, which is arguably the premier amateur summer baseball league in the country. It is a humbling experience that has put Bushart on a path that he had never imagined. He is also learning a new set of rules and regulations on the Cape, where he plays for Chatham College.

Before this season with TTP, Bushart has been a member of the staff at Los Angeles Pierce College, where he was the head assistant coach. He has also worked as a social worker in the state of California for many years.

Achievements and Honors

John bushart is a retired Air Force veteran who has attended over 125 funerals of Michigan soldiers who died while serving their country. He has also been a devoted volunteer and has founded a number of organizations.

His most impressive achievement is founding the Lest They Be Forgotten organization in the state of Michigan. The organization aims to honor all military men and women who die while serving their country by establishing memorials in their hometowns.

It has been a long time since he first got the itch to create something special, but he has found the right formula. In the three years since he buried his son in Iraq, he has taken part in a number of ceremonies to spruce up his home town and honor the lives of countless others.

Personal Life

John Bushart was a farmer. He lived in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

He was born on 15 November 1822 in Perry County, Ohio. He was the son of Jacob and Magdalena (Croomrine) Bushart, both of whom were natives of Pennsylvania.

In the 1750s, there was an influx of settlers into the region. Those who could afford to settle were granted land by the colonial government.

In 1755, John Bushart settled on Dutch Buffalo Creek. He never moved from his tract of land. This area later became part of Anson County, Mecklenburg County and finally Cabarrus County. The settlers were mostly Germans. They named the creek after Dutch buffalo, which had not yet been killed.

Net Worth

John bushart acquired considerable wealth during his lifetime. By 1810, he owned 878 acres of land in Lincoln County, NC. During his lifetime, he was married to Catherine Bushart Barringer and had ten children with her. He was an active community member and he served as a juror in many local cases. He died on 22 November 2003 at age 73. He was buried in Catawba County, NC. Thanks to the generosity of the people of this area, he is remembered with great fondness.

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