John Chwarzynski

John Chwarzynski

John Chwarzynski is a Chicago-based attorney that specializes in representing clients in personal injury cases such as wrongful death, medical malpractice, premises liability and automobile accidents.

He is an ardent champion for those injured and has dedicated himself to finding solutions for them. Through his tireless work, he has secured millions of dollars in settlements on behalf of his clients.

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Professional Career

John Chwarzynski is an esteemed trial lawyer who has been at the center of some of Chicago’s most important litigations. With extensive experience, he has won cases both in state and federal court.

He is proud to have secured the largest single settlement ever reached by Alzheimer’s Association (r). This feat serves as evidence of his passion and dedication to this cause, earning him a place on their Young Champions Committee and honorary board membership. Furthermore, he volunteers his time pro bono work and mentoring young student athletes – among many other accomplishments. In 2014, he was even named a finalist for National Institute of Excellence Science & Technology’s Innovation in Practice of Law Awards!

Achievements and Honors

John is a proud member of Hale & Monico and has earned himself a place of distinction in personal injury law. He’s known for his determination and charismatic demeanor, which serve him well when representing clients in state and federal courts. John has achieved great success within his profession, having been named to the esteemed honor roll of Illinois State Bar Association.

John has earned himself a place of honor as an exceptional coach and mentor to young student-athletes. A veteran himself, John brings with him extensive expertise about the game of football. Beyond his professional accomplishments, John has dedicated much of his time and resources towards pro bono legal initiatives.

Personal Life

John Chwarzynski is a Chicago-based attorney specializing in personal injury law. Additionally, he’s an active member of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association.

He was recognized as a Rising Star for 2020-2023, an honor bestowed upon attorneys who have demonstrated excellence in their practices. This distinction is given only to a select few in each state.

He serves as a mentor to young student-athletes, teaches and gives back to the legal community through various pro bono projects. Additionally, he was on the Young Champions Committee for Alzheimer’s Association Chicago Rita Hayworth Gala. Currently he works at Hale & Monico as a trial lawyer, possessing an impressive work ethic and enthusiasm for his practice.

Net Worth

John Chwarzynski is a highly acclaimed Chicago-area attorney renowned for his tireless work ethic and charismatic demeanor. He has handled numerous cases in both state and federal courts, earning him the title of Super Lawyers Rising Star for his outstanding professional accomplishments and dedication to the legal community.

Chwarzynski is a former president of Chicago Fire Fighters Union, Local 2. He owns a law office on the northwest side of town and dedicates himself to mentoring youth student-athletes and helping those in legal need through pro bono initiatives. Additionally, he’s part of Alzheimer’s Association Chicago Rita Hayworth Gala’s Young Champions Committee as well. As of 2019, Chwarzynski boasts an estimated net worth of $4 million dollars.

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