John Cocco

John Cocco, MD, is a Highly Respected Member

of the Los Angeles Medical Community

John Cocco is a Senior Vice President responsible for Product Development, Technical Service and Innovation globally at Henkel Corporation’s General Industrial Division. In this role he spearheads strategic innovation efforts while overseeing global product development and technical customer service operations that span 50 sites around the globe.

Henkel’s General Industrial division provides adhesives, sealants and coatings to businesses across a range of markets. Cocco not only oversees this division of Henkel but he’s also part of their innovation executive committee.

Early Life and Education

Cocco was born in Ferentino, Italy to a family of 16 living in one room. As an adolescent he left his village for the first time to experience modern conveniences like music, newspapers, cars and airplanes for himself.

He eventually immigrated to America in 1948, becoming an American citizen by birthright. Subsequently, he relocated to Carney and established his pizza business and invested in real estate.

He lived life to the fullest, always learning and striving to be his best self. His compassion for others was infectious, and he worked tirelessly to achieve success in all that he did.

Professional Career

John Cocco, MD is an eminent figure in the Los Angeles medical community and an Internal Medicine specialist who has been practicing for over 60 years.

He is currently affiliated with Allied Health Solutions in Los Angeles and Valencia, CA as well as some other doctors and hospitals nearby.

Former kickboxer, he made a name for himself in the boxing ring with several impressive victories on the international circuit, including defeating Alexander Dredhaj on his debut. But what really set him apart was winning three SuperLeague title fights consecutively – including one as champion!

Achievements and Honors

John Cocco, MD and family medicine expert at Allied Health Solutions of Los Angeles, has achieved many accolades throughout his life. These include serving as both a police officer and member of the military.

Cocco has earned numerous letters of commendation and recognition for his work as a police officer. Furthermore, he received an honorific police service award for saving someone’s life.

At an awards ceremony held on Monday, cocco was recognized for his achievements as Wilton’s Police Officer of the Year. He was one of 31 officers recognized for their hard work.

Personal Life

John Cocco was a loving husband and father who always put others before himself. He was renowned for his tireless work ethic and the joy that came from aiding those around him.

In addition to his family business, he owned several other ventures in the region. One of his more recent enterprises was Sparklin’ John’s Tile Regrouting and Bathroom Restoration.

In 1948, the Cocco family made their way to America as Italy joined Germany in joining forces. Packing up their belongings and embarking on what would prove to be a life-altering journey, they set off for what would become America.

Cocco’s life story is being published in a book titled It’s a Hell of a Life!, which chronicles his journey from shoe shining and selling newspapers to becoming an accomplished businessman.

Net Worth

John Cocco loved to help those around him, offer encouraging words to those in his family or community, and construct wooden rocking horses for his grandchildren. While John made a living through various endeavors, his passion lay in running Sparklin’ Johns Tile Regrouting and Bathroom Restorations – his business.

Cocco, originally from Ferentino, Italy, came to America when he was young and started working as a shoe shiner in a corner shop. He also pumped gas, sold newspapers and signed up for vocational school in Philadelphia where he met his future wife Sara at St Donato’s dance. Upon returning home he purchased an $1800 trailer for his family before investing in real estate investments – currently living with four children and ten grandchildren in Secane.

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