John Denoia

John Denoia – A Brief Biography

John denoia is an American director and choreographer renowned for his work with the Chippendales dance troupe. Additionally, he produced two Emmy Award-winning Unicorn Tales shorts for young audiences.

In 1986, Chippendales co-owner Somen Banerjee recruited De Noia to assist in opening a second location in New York City. While the venture proved successful, their partnership soon unraveled.

Early Life and Education

John Denoia is a renowned and talented sports star who has earned numerous accolades throughout his career. A graduate of Scranton University, where he played both football and basketball, Denoia earned the All-Eastern League 1st Team recognition for both sports. Additionally, he played professionally for the San Francisco Forty-Niners of the All-American Conference as well as Washington Redskins. Nowadays he resides in Connecticut with his wife Alicia Denoia, whom he married four years ago; their children also attend to him!

Professional Career

John de Noia, better known by his stage name Nick De Noia, is a renowned American director, screenwriter and talented choreographer best known for his work as choreographer of Chippendales dance troupe and musical short films like Unicorn Tales for young audiences. For these projects he won two Emmy Awards; unfortunately his life tragically ended at 3:40 pm on April 7, 1987 from an apparent shooting at his apartment. Meanwhile Hulu released a limited-series about his life that will provide further insight into this fascinating man! Read on to learn more about him today!

Personal Life

John Denoia was an acclaimed director and screenwriter, best known for his work as choreographer for Chippendales dance troupe. Additionally, he produced and directed shorts for children such as the Unicorn Tales series which earned two Emmy Awards.

On April 7, 1987, John Denoia was shot to death in Manhattan by Gilbert Rivera Lopez after being recruited to do so by Ray Colon. At age 65, he left behind a wife and three children; the crime was linked to an unsatisfactory licensing arrangement between Banerjee and Chippendales Universal. It is uncertain how many people died as a result of the attack; however it is believed that at least six perished. This incident remains under investigation today. Sign up for free to view more information about John Denoia today!

Net Worth

Nick De Noia is an American director and choreographer best known for his work on Unicorn Tales, a series of short films for children. He was the original choreographer for Chippendales, founded by Steve Banerjee, winning five Emmy Awards including two for his specials on Unicorn Tales. Tragically, in 1987 he was found dead at his office at Chippendales building in New York City from what police believed to be an attempted murder plot by Banerjee; police concluded De Noia had hired contract killers who then executed him; later leading to his suicide as well. Neither his net worth nor salary are publicly known.

Nicholas Denoia was born on May 14, 1941 in New Jersey, United States.

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