John Desiderio

John Desiderio

John desidero was an Italian sculptor renowned for his marble low reliefs. His artwork displayed both subtlety and technical mastery.

Desiderio was commissioned to carve the funerary monument for Carlo Marsuppini at Santa Croce church in Florence, inspired by Bernardo Rossellino’s tomb for Leonardo Bruni.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John desiderio is an accomplished attorney with an impressive resume. His practice primarily focuses on real estate, business and commercial litigation. Notable clients include Fortune 500 companies and their ancillary service providers, as well as numerous startups and small businesses with big ideas. John has received numerous awards and accolades throughout the years – including being named New York’s top real estate lawyer by one of the city’s premier publications.

Aside from his impressive career, he is also an ardent philanthropist with a love of the arts and an eye for a good show. He was part of the founding members of Manhattan Arts Club and president of MOSA – The Massachusetts Society of Architecture and the Arts. Each year, MOSA awards are given out in recognition of young professionals under 40 who excel in arts, design and technology; these awards serve both to honor excellence in these areas and recognize individual contributions within culture as well as recognize contributions made by individuals within these fields.

Achievements and Honors

John desiderio was an accomplished and award-winning lawyer, the latest addition to the ranks at Mcgrath & Taylor. He earned the title of New York Super Lawyer for 2013-2022 and continues to be recognized by his peers in professional publications such as Chambers USA.

He earned accolades for his contributions to the community, both professionally and personally. He was an active member of the Kiwanis club, president of Sea Isle City Garden Club, and champion of the arts. Furthermore, he made a lasting impact on business by purchasing several local landmarks like Lenny’s penny arcade, Sea Isle Go Karts, and Fun Town Arcade while remaining true to himself as a family man.

Personal Life

John Desiderio’s life has been marked by both highs and lows. As an unlucky young boy, he married three times, found joy when he stopped drinking, then pursued IT professional work as a career.

Despite all his hardships, he managed to lead a happy and fulfilling life. He was an exemplary husband, took good care of his family, and enjoyed kayaking immensely.

He was an accomplished sculptor, creating the tondi for Filippo Brunelleschi’s Pazzi Chapel in Florence as well as finishing work on the marble Altar of Sacrament at San Lorenzo church (1461).

Net Worth

Desiderio has an estimated net worth of $55 million. He has acquired this wealth through various sources, such as his career in acting.

His net worth has been primarily generated through his successful career as an actor and writer. He has starred in countless films, earning multiple awards for his performances.

He is an accomplished writer, having written for several television shows such as Knots Landing and Maximum Security.

He has been married to Judith Light since 1985 and they have no children together. As both American citizens, they reside in California.

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