John Dethlefs

John Dethlefs

John dethlefs, 54 years old, has been sentenced to 96 months in prison for receiving child pornography. Once his term has been served, he will undergo 10 years of supervised release.

He was arrested in August 2019, when officers executed a search warrant at his Omaha home and discovered approximately 1,900 images of child pornography on his computer. Five photos depicted bondage and one featured bestiality.

Early Life and Education

John Dethlefs was born in Germany on May 1, 1834 to Claus and Wibke Dethlefs. After immigrating to America, he settled in Howard County where his homestead was situated on section six, township fourteen, range twelve.

He married Miss Virginia Brown (MHS 1938). She attended Iowa State Teachers College and obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Drake University, then taught kindergarten in Manning Community School District for over 35 years until retirement. An inspirational teacher, with a deep-felt love of students and their learning, Virginia served as President of the local Education Association and volunteered in numerous community projects. A truly wonderful individual, Virginia will be greatly missed by her family and friends; yet her memory lives on in their hearts forevermore.

Professional Career

John Dethlefs has held a variety of positions during his career, from serving in the military to executive vice president at HIMSS Media – an industry leader in healthcare information and technology. John has always taken an active role in developing new technology that improves patient outcomes as well as his advocacy work on behalf of patients and their families.

His other notable jobs included Task Force West commander, in charge of providing Typhoon Yutu disaster support to FEMA on Saipan, Tinian and Guam. During his tenure he oversaw the restructuring and redesign of both 303rd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade and 9th Mission Support Command; additionally he served as senior staff officer in the office of assistant secretary of defense for acquisition technology and logistics.

Achievements and Honors

John dethlefs earned the Medal of Honor during the Vietnam War for his actions while flying an F-105 Thunderchief across Southeast Asia. On March 10, 1967, he made several daring passes that destroyed a SAM site above Thai Nguyen; though several times the pilot could have bail out, he persisted and continued bombing the enemy target. As such, he earned himself the United States military’s highest award for bravery in battle and became only the third Air Force officer to receive this honor during that conflict.

At graduation, National Honor Society members Alyssa Petterson, Chasady Lueck, Tishawnna Carpenter, Colin Cooper, Brooke Woelber, Bryan Manzey, Rebecca Spanier Cassandra Griebel Angela Stevens Taylor Swenson Jordan Klumper Megan Viland and Renee Boese were recognized.

Personal Life

John Dethlefs is the proud owner of an array of electronic gadgets. He also owns a boat and has numerous pets. John has earned numerous awards, including an Academy Award for music’s most significant accomplishment, and has served as president for multiple professional organizations.

He enjoys golf and was a member of the Omaha Nationals. With an expansive social network and connections in business, he has earned respect among his peers. In addition to writing books and publishing media articles, he maintains an online blog as well as being active on Twitter. Finally, he holds membership in both American Institute of Architects and holds a degree in architecture.

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